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Monday, July 09, 2007

Let freedom ring...and ring...and ring...

4th of July...with family....what could be more fun? Sam and Lisa had invited some of the staff and interns from Teen Mania for the afternoon and evening...David and family came too...great time was had by all. Steven-one of the staff provided us with QUITE the fire works display! We were all impressed as he and Sam lit one after another and lit up our skies to celebrate our freedom.
We spent the next 3 days packing and moving David and Beth. They exchanged houses with themselves...long story....exhausting move!
Now we are ready for camp to begin tomorrow. Be sure to check in on my camp blog site on the side bar here. We will try to post daily. Even though we've been busy moving...getting ready for camp...Dave still finds time to fish...yea! That is why we're here...well, besides our kids and grandkids...well...mostly the kids and grandkids and the fishing is an added bonus! ( Well, I"ve been waiting for 40 min. for the next picture to post...the joys of living in the middle of no where TX where there is no high speed internet available!!!) Good more pix!