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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Teas, Tractors, Times of Grace

I am so privileged to be married to the world's best
guy! He is amazing. Who else would stand for 4 hours and make tea for 45 women?
This is Dave and my cousin Larry, who made the TEA possible for the ladies who attended my 2nd annual Christmas tea. We were graces by the music of "The Aspen Quartet" of
The Rocky Mountain Strings who traveled from Dallas to entertain us with thier music. Their music floated through the air at the entry outside as the ladies arrived, then later was heard in the background as the ladies were served, and finally they played 3 numbers for our entertainment. As one lade said, "This is what I come for! Our 3 grandaughters, Caitlin, Haley and Tori are a part of this group along with Bethany, a friend from church.
Sue and Elaine, my friends were here for 8 hours all day as we backed and cooked and prepared the dainties for the tea. Three girls from Teen Mania came to serve and bless us. It was great to have Lisa, Kelly, and Amy here to share in this time. David was out of town which prevented Beth from being present this year.

This is Dave's latest entertainment. He is anxious to use it to "plow" up the front yard between the house and the lake... Isn't he handsome.....and..what's more..he LOVES to dance and BEGS me to go dancing sometimes twice a week! We dance at a wonderful place about 30 miiles from here- a converted Skating rink with a GREAT floor! Anyway... Last week I asked him to trim back some pampas grass so we could get down the sidewalk and into the house....- this was the day before the tea...note how the grass is kind of blocking the sidewalk....
AFTER: Note all the "white plumes" lying on the ground...ready for the fire...But...HE LOVES TO DANCE!!!! That's my guy and I do so love him!