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Thursday, August 26, 2010

August Adventures

Over 3 weeks of temps of 100 and we are ready for fall! August has been a busy month- The Gala at Teen Mania marked the end of the year for the August Interns. This banquet is always such fun! Shortly before we left for the Gala I had a Facebook "contest" to vote for which hair I should wear...The red won but Dave preferred the blond. What do you think?

It is always a bitter sweet time since we are saying goodbye to interns we have grown to love throughout the year.

We made a couple of trips to the Dallas area to see the Smith family. Abby is recovering from her broken leg after an accident while lying underneath the trampoline....and we helped Amy get ready for school. It is always fun to see them.
Tori was home baking Bak La Va. She is quite the cook!

We had many days of swimming and fun with Sam and family and Jon and family and several batches of homemade ice cream!

Henry and Jonah really got the hang of catching fish and had a ball!

Teen Mania welcomed the new August class and a few nights later had a baptismal service when 100's of interns chose to be baptized. What an awesome event to witness so many youth dedicating their lives to the Lordship of Jesus Christ!
We brought Jonathan (David's son) home with us for a few days following that service. Cole was scheduled to come too but got sick and had to miss it. We had so much fun spoiling Jay! We had a "Shouldn't weekend" shouldn't have to do anything! Shouldn't have to say no to "much". So....Jay had a milkshake for every meal and we did what he, scrapbooking,
made a space mobile...watched Funniest Home Videos- one show- and just really enjoyed our time with him. It is not often we get a one on one since there are 17 grandchildren!
This week we celebrated Lisa's birthday.

..had dinner at David and Beth's and look forward to Saturday to having Josiah and his friends here for his 13th birthday.
and so goes the lives of Dave and Marybeth...Blessed...blessed...blessed!!!!!