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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Dave

Today much of our family gathered to celebrate Dave's birthday. He is such a blessing to me and I love him so much- this is the 50th year that I have been able to celebrate his birthday...God you are awesome! Kelly was home sick but Jon brought both kids and their lunch. It was a blessing to see him in the role of "dad" and lovingly caring for Matthew and Jordan and all their needs. Sam and Lisa and family and David and Beth and family were all here. All brought things to grill and other sides and did ALL the work! I pretty much sat and watched and was waited on. Lisa and Sam stayed for dinner after the games and Lisa ended up leaving the house spotless! What a gem she is. We were sorry that Amy and family could not be there- not wanting to share their germs- they have most of their family down with various things. Little Brian (6) has pneumonia. They have had quite a week! They want to head south to camp for their spring break but will wait until all are well enough to travel. MAYBE we will see them next Sunday for Easter.
Tomorrow I have the last of my Beth Moore Esther Study. It has been enlightening.
The end of the week I plan to head to Dallas with Kim Yates from Teen Mania and attend a 2 day conference on Restoring the Foundations. I am excited about what the Lord is going to do with that and how He plans to use that in my life and the lives of others He allows me to touch.
Have a good week everyone and thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Trust in the Lord and do Good, dwell in the land live securely...Psalm 37

As we commit our ways to the Lord and trust in Him, He acts on our behalf and makes our righteousness shine like the dawn. Psalm 37..3,5

Yesterday was a glorious day. After a quick trip to the Dr for what I thought was an infected ingrown toe nail- (which was NOT!) we took off for Mrs. Lee's Daffodil gardens about an hour east of us. The day was perfect- sunny- warm, slight breeze- absolutely gorgeous. The rolling hills blooming with thousands and thousands of daffodils delighted us both.
God, your beauty is overwhelming. The open landscape, birds singing, brooks babbling, trees budding, flowers blooming- does it get any better? We stopped on the way home, picked up a subway and then had a picnic. Such fun.
And...just in case you are wondering how my hair situation is doing...I love all the wigs I have....a friend loaned me several of hers from when she went through chemo- fun! I can be blonde, brunette, red head- or....bald! God is faithful!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Home Again in TEXAS

Oh how sweet to be home! After a long day a week ago, flying home via Tampa Florida and Houston- I fell into the waiting arms of my beloved husband at the airport and welcomed his hugs and kisses! Oh how I missed him!
My time in Wisconsin was wonderful, however, and Nancy and Terry were such excellent hosts. God is so good. I got to see so many friends and family and have many ministry opportunities- me being on the receiving end this time - at the Full Gospel Church in Walworth. God is doing awesome things in my life- healing not only the cancer but me from the inside out and I am grateful. I want to press into Him in an even deeper way and now that I am home I have lots of time to rest and do that.
We welcomed spring with a SNOW storm- and here Dave fights to save the tomato plants that he planted 2 days before. Jon raised them in his green house and they are beautiful- God- let them survive and bear much fruit! Today promises to be a better day- sunny- due to be near 70- and we plan to go to the Daffodil fields and maybe out on the lake and try our hand at some fishing. It feels so good to just be home with no agenda and relax and enjoy each other!
My 3rd chemo was last week- went well- a few bumps that night but feeling well and rested now. Mike- my nutritionist- says the Lymphoma is all gone- PTL_ but I dealing with several other "cancer like processes"- keep us in prayer for wisdom to know how long to continue with present treatment. We want to be in the center of God's Will and we want our lives to glorify HIM in all we do. Thanks for your prayers and continued interest in what is going on here. Thanks for checking in!

Friday, March 05, 2010

Enjoying Time in Wisconsin

Williams Bay, Wisconsin- our home from 1973-1983. Those were wonderful years here and during that time we became lifetime friends with Terry and Nancy Welsh. We and our children grew up together and came into a closer relationship to our Lord Jesus Christ. Nancy and Terry have opened their home to me for a few weeks and I currently am enjoying some R and R time here. Another friend, Rose,
from Milwaukee has been here all week relieving past memories and pressing into Jesus as we have done for 30 some years. It has been good.
During the week I have rested, been in the suana, the hot tub, the jucuzzi, out to lunch, to church and spent many hours in the lazy boy just resting. Nancy has been preparing outragelously healthy and wonderful meals, doing the juicing, and just pampering me. She is such a blessing.
The only down side to the whole thing is that Dave and I are quite miserable without each other! Dave is very bored and lonesome and home and I am so missing him here.
After a trip to the ER right before I left TX with heart attack symptoms that the enemy tried to put on me....heart was perfect!....and then a bladder infection- I arrived here last Saturday on meds which gave me some side effects so have not slept well. The infections seems to be over and I'm looking forward to feeling better in the week to come.
Next week my sisters, Sandy and Patty, will be here which I'm really looking forward to.
Until then, thank you all for stopping by and continue to keep us in your prayers. We so appreciate all the prayer support, your notes, cards and caring.
I love you all!