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Friday, September 16, 2011

wow...I have lots of catching up to do!

What happened to June, July, August and now half of September? We have been to Wisconsin, Missouri Had a fun visit with Sandy and Tom...always great reconnecting with family!Canada, camping...working....watching our lake dry up... spending time with kids and grand kids...and are ready for cooler weather. With 73 days over 100 this summer we are welcoming the cool down!
In a few weeks we'll head to FL with Sam and Jon and families for our "annual" Oct get away with them.
I am still working two days a week at Teen Mania...Dave is working frantically trying to save some
I'll catch up soon.
of the trees on our property.
He has cut down 143 pines already due to the drought.
We continue to have our hope and trust in our GOD! NOT the weather...the government...our money...ourselves...but our mighty God whom we love and adore!