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Monday, May 30, 2011

Grandkids Camp 2011

Another year of Grand kids camp successfully executed. It was a great time...4 days with 13 of the best grandchildren on the face of the earth. We are so blessed!
These are the things we did..
After attending the Lindale Rodeo with them the first night...
Grandkids Camp- May 21-24, 2011
Grandchildren are the crown of old men,
And the (glory of sons is their fathers. Proverbs 17:6)
We held camp for four days at our home on Lake Fork for 13 of our grandchildren this year. Tori, Haley, Ashley, Josiah,, Jonathan, JonMichael, Ana, Brian, Cole, Henry, Abby, Jordan and Jonah. The 4 oldest were SR. Counselors and without their help…we could not have done it! Thank you Tori, Haley, Ashley and Josiah! The first night we all loaded into the Smith Van and Granddad’s truck and headed south to the Lindale Rodeo. What fun that was! The next morning we loaded up the vehicles again and took off for church- Living Waters- we took up 2 whole rows! Our camp activities this year were swimming, boating, studying the life of Chamberlain and the Butterfly Effect, memorizing Psalm 16, archery, bb guns, eating Grammy’s famous cinnamon rolls, the breakfast hunt, playing chess, ping pong, Chinese checkers, swinging from the tree, wallowing in the mud and building clay pools and such down at the lake, making team flags, individual flags, painting plaster figurers,. Updating our journals and scrap books, eating and doing very little sleeping!
The older kids had air soft gun wars. waking up early and having our quiet time before all the campers were up, tubing, playing cards with granddad, eating Tori’s famous French bread and Ding Dong cake..waking up to Haley’s trumpet playing Revile! What great memories we all have!