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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Still # 1 Helpmeet

We have had many busy days since I last wrote...that was when Jake first showed up and I wondered if I was being replaced...well, I'm happy to report that I have not! But....the dog now has a name...Jake..and has taken up residence here. He is an outside that is good. He seems to entertain Dave and keep him company when I'm gone.
Two days a week I head out early and drive down to Teen Mania- a 35 min. trip- to act as "Life Mentor" to about..maybe 20-30 girls right now...I haven't really counted. I just work the two days and have appointments every 30 min. on a bi-weekly basis and have my days about filled. I also attend a class there for 1 1/2 hours each week, plus Staff Chapel, and various other meetings that take part of my days. I lOVE my job and am so thankful that GOD is allowing this season in my life.

This is what the Honor Academy at Teen Mania is about:

Teen Mania's Mission Statement
To provoke a young generation to passionately pursue Jesus Christ and to take His life-giving message to the ends of the earth!

Our Core Values

We receive direction, provision, and motivation directly from God and His Word to take the Gospel to the world.

We are who we say we are, and we always do the right thing, regardless of expediency.

We have servants' attitudes, and we go to heroic lengths to meet the needs of others.

We dare to dream as big as God dreams and believe that, with God on our side, we can achieve the impossible.

We demand of ourselves uncompromising quality and strive to be people who demonstrate excellence in everything we do.
The girls I visit with are either Interns, Grad. Interns, Staff or Staff Associates in the Honor Academy at Teen Mania. They are women of God who are truly interested in living their lives for Jesus and wanting to grow more in the position of becoming a godly woman. Who am I to mentor them in this? It is but the GRACE of GOD and the way HE has so awesomely worked in my life to allow me to be there. I fall on His grace each time I go and plead for HIM to speak through me to the many issues that these girls are facing in their generation. It is certainly a DIFFERENT world from that in which I grew up as a young girl in my early 20's! I pray I can be the Titus 2 woman to them. GOD have mercy on this generation!
We have been able to see all our children again in the last two weeks. Yesterday Amy and family came to celebrate Abby's 3rd birthday and spend the night and today with us. David and family and Lisa and children were able to join us this afternoon and the cousins had such a fun, fun time together as the adults caught up on each other's lives in a very relaxed atmosphere.
Dave and I are involved in teaching a Ballroom Dance class each week in a neighboring commmunity and have about 20 students in the class right now.
We are teaching Beginning Swing this month. We laugh at ourselves sometimes that WE are TEACHING dance! We would love to be TAKING more lessons but there is no such thing in the area! We dance almost weekly at a Texas Country dance where we are able to incorporate our ballroom amidst the Texas Two Step crowd!
I am in a Beth Moore Bible Study on Monday nights- teach dance on Tuesday nights-we are taking a class at our church on Wednesday nights- play cards with a church group on Thursday nights- go dancing Sat. nights- Church on Sunday...(and I work all day at Teen Mania on Wednesday and Thursday)...this is the life of retirement...any chance we get...we drop EVERYTHING and go visit our kids and grandkids! God is so good to us!