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Monday, December 12, 2011

Our Christmas Letter 2011

Merry Christmas! What a joy to be able to say those words and relay the message of Jesus!

This year we have once again enjoyed God’s blessings.
Yes…Dave Got his fishing fix several times…He went to Canada with Jon, Sam and David in June while I went to WI with my friend, Nancy and my sisters, Patty and Sandy. He fished around here with our boys and friends and then in August we went to Canada with friends, Nancy and Terry Welsh.

We were able to have many camping trips with our families…all but David and family…We enjoyed camp grounds in Oklahoma, Texas and a beach home in Florida with Jon and Sam and families.
Dave spent most of the winter in the garage remodeling the boat…adding new carpet, a live well, and repairing and cleaning up our Vintage boat. It is beautiful.
Now all we need is more water in our lake. Due to the severe drought in Texas our Lake Fork is down 8 feet and there is no water under our dock. We have learned through this that we need to trust our Father God for all our needs…we can build a dock…build a beautiful walk way…have a house on the lake…but only God can fill the lake! We know that in the coming days we will need to know this lesson and we are learning it!
The end of May (while we still had some water) we hosted our 5th GrandKids camp for 11 of our grandchildren.
We look forward to spending Christmas day with our family.
Truly…children are a heritage from the LORD our greatest blessing!
We celebrate the birth, death, resurrection and coming again of our Lord Jesus Christ this season.
He is our everything and in Him we live, move and have our being! Praise the name of JESUS.
Dave and Marybeth