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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Psalm 107:20 He Sent His Word and healed them.

Just resting in HIS arms this Sunday evening. We heard a great message this morning on the power of praise. We feel so much love and support at church.
We had a healthy lunch at David and Beth's and just enjoyed a Sunday afternoon of laid back conversation with them. The kids wanted to play cards and I felt sorry for them that we didn't do that but promised a "game night" very soon with them.
I need to work on 3 days of the Esther study before tomorrow night and pack to go to Wisconsin on Tuesday.
I have an appointment with the oncologist in the morning to go over the results of the PET Scan the Cardiogram Echo gram.
Pending that...I have a ticket to fly to Wisconsin on Tuesday and spend 2 weeks with my friend Nancy Welsh. My sisters, Patty and Sandy, are planning on coming from Indiana and Missouri to spend a few days with me. I am SO looking forward to it and pray all works out.
Amy will be in tomorrow to visit the DR with us and be our stenographer. She took 7 pages of notes at the last visit.
Our trust is in God and no matter what we hear from the DR we will believe the report of the Lord. He sent His WORD and healed Me. Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice for me for my sins and for my health. I love you!

Friday, January 29, 2010

The end of a long week

I'm happy to be at the end of this week and so blessed by all the prayers and notes from all of my family and friends. I am continually encouraged by the Word of God and all His promised of healing.
On Monday we will find out the results of the PET scan today. We got a clear report on the bone biopsy which is encouraging.
Please pray for endurance to "stand" in all I am doing in the nutritional and health world. I think only my daughter-in-law, Beth understands this. She has been doing it for 1 1/2 years! She is doing GREAT! It makes me admire and love her more than ever. This is not an easy road!
Right now we are looking at probably beginning the first round of Chemo. WE'll still do all the nutritional things too. Lots of supplements, 100% plant based diet, taking rounds of vegie juice, MMS, cleanses, exercise, soaking in the Word, green powder drinks, and concentrating on healing.
Thank you all who take time to read and pray for us.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Put Your Foot on Healing Ground

Dave with Mike and Mary King at their home in Colorado.

Dave and I in Colorado last week with the Kings.

Joshua 1:3 "Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon, that have I given unto you..."
If you need healing in your body today you need to possess it like the children of Israel possessed the promised Land. Joshua and the people of Israel had to put their foot on what belonged to them if they were going to enjoy the blessings of God. The same thing is true today with healing and every other blessing.

If you are a believer, healing already belongs to you. Isaiah 543 clearly says Jesus has borne our griefs, sickness, weakness an pain, and carried our sorrows, and that by His stripes we are healed and made whole.
AS far as God is concerned, healing is mine. Jesus has already paid the price for it. But for me to receive it, I have to put my foot on it. I have to go in and possess the land.
That is not always easy. It wasn't necessarily easy for Joshua either. To do it, God told him he would have to be "strong and very courageous." Joshua 1:7 The people of Israel had to arm themselves and go up before their enemy. They had to put their foot on that land.
In the same way, taking the land of healing requires spiritual strength and courage. Why? Because the manifestation of healing doesn't always come instantly. WE want it instantly-and many times it comes that fast- but other time it takes longer.
When you think about it, that's not so unusual. After all, in most cases, sickness and disease do their destructive work gradually. They don't just appear one moment- and kill you the next. They take effect over time. So it's not surprising that healing often displaces their effects gradually as well.
If you need healing today, you need to Put your foot on the healing land. You need to step out on the Word, take it and say, "Healing is mine. The devil is not going to steal it from me. No one is going to talk me out of it. It belongs to me. Today, this day, I receive my healing."
Once you've said that, don't ever say anything contrary to it. Don't be moved by time or by symptoms or by anything else. Just stay with it. Continue to take God's medicine- the Word- every day and you will continue to improve.
When the devil comes back next week and tells you you're not going to get your healing, laugh at him and say,"Too late! I've already gotten it. I received my healing last week. I put my foot on healing ground and it's mine"
Just refuse to give up, keep on taking the land and your healing will come to pass.
I am so grateful to my good friend, Judy Olin, who gave me the Pursuit of His Presence Daily devotional book to strengthen my walk with God.
Tomorrow I am scheduled to be at the hospital in Tyler at 6:30 A.M. for the surgery to implant the medi-port- which they will use for chemo. This is not a road that I planned on walking down nor want to walk down but it seems like the Lord's leading at the time and my hope and trust is in HIM. Thank you for all your prayers for me and my family. Amy, our daughter, will be coming from Dallas tomorrow to be with us the next few days and I'm so grateful for that. Our whole family has been so supportive and make me feel so loved. God is so good!

Saturday, January 23, 2010 glorified through my life!

Jan. 22, 2010

I apologize for letting some of you "hanging" the past few days. I have barely had time to sit down and think.

As many of you know, this journey started on Christmas night, when I noticed a large lump in my neck. After talking to a few people we thought it was a swollen lymph gland. That was Friday- Monday a.m. I went to see my DR. He sent me right in for a Ct scan and chest x-ray. The results of that were a swollen lymph gland and some cysts on my thyroid. I was set up with an ENT Doc the ff week. He ordered a Biopsy which took place the ff week. We left for Colorado the day after that to have some treatments from Mike- the nutritionist I have worked with for years. This week on Tuesday we saw the ENT and he confirmed that the swollen lymph gland was lymphoma. Cancer of the lymph gland. That is the report of the Doctor---the report of the Lord is that according to Is. 53, by his stripes I am healed. That is the report that I am choosing to believe!
I saw the cancer Dr. yesterday. He explained the protocol he would want to follow. He did a bone marrow biopsy right there in the office (to stage the cancer) and will do an echo gram and CT body scan next week. I'll also have a medi-port put in to begin chemo probably by the end of the week. He said this cancer is very treatable and if I am in stage 1- to be determined- I'll have 6 or 8 treatments; each 3 weeks a part. The success rate for stage 1 is 85-90 %. My nutritionist is in agreement with me doing this. I will also be continuing the dietary and supplement protocol that I am on with him. Diet- 100% plant based.
WE would so appreciate your prayers through all of this. We know that our God is in control and that Satan cannot take me out one second before God is finished with me here. I just want Jesus to be glorified through it all and continue to be used by Him to advance His kingdom.
So, this is where we stand right now. Trusting God...feeding on His Word and His promises...feeding on LOTS of veggies...taking tons of supplements...and not looking forward to the medical involvement ahead.
Most of all...we want to see Jesus glorified and be ready to be used by Him in whatever way He would want to use us.