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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Teen Mania...Honor Academy

I know that most who read my blog do not comment. But....I know you are out there and checking in because you tell me! You know that all of our family works for the Lord- most of them at Teen Mania. Today's article in the Tyler paper will give you a good insight into what the work of David and the Honor Academy does. (actually this article came out in October but I JUST FOUND it when I was cheking Google to see what there was about the Honor Academy etc....oh well, who would tell mom????) Just paste the address into your browser and read away!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Florida happenings

Looks like it is cold in Florida? It WAS a few days a go when we visited Blue Springs to view the Manatee. They come in when the ocean waters get cold- to Blue Springs where the water is 72 degrees year round. It was a great day for viewing these Manatee...we saw about 30 in the clear spring waters in one place.

All those large grey images in teh water ar the manatee. Quite interesting.

Today we are reading, watching football on t.v.- after our a.m. trip to the library and the Thrift Store and to help set up for tonight's dance ( only they set up last night! ):
Tonight we attend the dinner dance. Thought you might enjoy seeing a picture of Dave line dancing...we do lots of that here and love it! Such a life. God has granted us the joy of being together here in Florida and enjoying each other's company and for that we are THANKFUL! Now you are wondering why we are so anxious to get home??????

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Okay...let's try Nina and I are inside the front door. Awesome huh?
Here's a shot from the master bath...
and...Thanksgiving dinner Phillipines style...
...just one of the deccorative items in the living room...
We started the day there with Mass...mostly in Phillipino...but beautiful...and then had a fantastic meal...and danced the afternoon and evening away with music played by our DJ- Sonny- the same that was on the Cruise with us...A beautiful, fun day! God is good!

Thanksgiving Week

And what a week it has been. We have SO much that we are THANKING our God for this week...for our salvation...for our 43 years together, our children and grandchildren, our friends, our freedom, our health, and on and on. THANK YOU FATHER GOD!
We have done a variety of things this week as we have every week we've been here in Fl. Last Sunday after church at Metro we visited our favorite restaurant.
Most days we go to the Y and work out, Dave goes to the basketball court and shoots and we also ride our bikes. All that exercise! plus all the dancing we'd think we'd be in shape and losing weight.
Our week has also included our almost daily trips to the library...literary giants? No...we check out movies...end up watching about 1 out of 5 that we start. Any suggestions????
One of the highlights of our week is our Wednesday trip to the Flea Market...mostly to stock up on fresh Veggies- but we end up finding other bargins as well...Dave was especially enamored with these!
Today, Thanksgiving Day, we had the unique pleasure and privilege of spending the day with hundreds of Phillipino people who were invited to the home of Dr. and Mrs. Capuloung from our dance group. They live in a most exquisite home! This is the inside entrance - the front door- imported from Hong Kong! okay...Blogger is not allowing me any more pictures so I'll try to add more to another post.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Home away from home

Hi From Florida- this is our home away from home-
These are our TWO home in Texas and...
this is our home away from home in Florida.
In just 2 weeks, Lord willing- we'll be back home in Texas- we are oretty homesick for our kids and grandkids and can't wait to get back.
This morning we had breakfast with two of our friends from Jesus Center Denver days. Their youngest daughter, Lenore Berard, was a classmate of David and Jon's. They are living in their 5th wheel near here in Sanford. It was good to reconnect.
The cold front hit here- only about 65 our right now at 2 o'clock. It is great sleeping weather at night though.
Have to run...time for the bike ride!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

WE Danced all night and then some!

We have been in Florida now for 2 weeks...and been on a cruise and back- to the Eastern Carribean- St Thomas and St Marten..and danced the nights away for 7 nights.
We had a great time...the weather was beautiful (except for the last night heading back to Florida- they had to shut down our dance and didn't allow the "show" to go in for fear of safety for the dancers in the main lounge...other than was great! No sea sickness on our parts either!
We were with about 20 of the people we dance with here in Florida, our dance teacher and our friends from Wisconsin- Nancy and Terry Welsh were with us which made it that much more fun.
We had lesson in Waltz, Swing, Rhumba and Cha-Cha and also had private dances several times during the week. Each night we could dance in several of the lounges so there was plenty of times to practice and try to remember how to dance something other than the Texas 2-step which is all we've done the last 7 months!
We got off at two islands- on St. Thomas we took a cab to Cokey Beach and had great snorkling- we held "dog bones" and the tropical fish came right up and ate the food out of our hands...really cool. On St. Marten- the fish were not as plentiful and the water was a bit rougher but we enjoyed the beach.

Of course the food and dining experiences on a ship are outstanding. We enjoyed two formal nights and EVERY meal was wonderful. We were on a new ship (2 yrs. old) and they had a new menu which was really outstanding. Now it is back to reality and cereal for dinner!
We DID spend several mornings in the gym- trying to work off some of the meals which we didn't dance off! At least it eased our conscience some.
Today we were back at Metro Life for church and that was also great. We saw most everyone from our home group and enjoyed the sermon by Benny Phillips and the great worship led by Todd.
We are settled in to the campground where we are living for now and looking forward to dancing 4-5 times each week. God is So good to us!