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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Mother's Day...I hope all of you who are moms and who have had a mom! will find time to go to this site sometime today or soon. I sent this little poem to my mom every year from the time I first had a child- 1966- until the time that she went on to heaven- in 2005. I pray it will be a blessing to you too.

My mom..Edith Snyder Tessman 1910-2005

She was the one who lavished each of us 5 children with her love and taught us each about Jesus, our Savior. She tiredlessly drove us to school- and picked us up from school- sometimes over 30 iles each way-she worked in the "store" which mom and dad ran, then picked me up from work- or came to football or basketball games to cheer our school on and watch me twirl baton- she drove me to choir and picked me up- all these driving things were for me- one of 5- so she was doing lots of other driving too!- She listened when I had problems with my current boy friend- stayed up late sewing me dresses to wear to whatever dance-attend
ed my plays, helped me pack for camp and then wrote letters and visited on weekends-helped me pack in just a few days when I was accepted to college- late- and then drove me to Illinois to college- wrote faithfully and supported me in every effort of life. She helped me have a beautiful wedding- she sewed all the bridesmaids dresses- helped plan the food and reception- cooked and served the rehersal dinner- Mom was always there and such a hard and cheeful worker. She was there to enjoy each of our children and many of our grandchildren. Mom slipped away gradually with Alzheimer's Disease- but even to the end-her love for children was so evident- we miss her but rejoice that she is home with Jesus- probably holding a baby!
How I THANK GOD this mother's day for the children of my children!

Friday, May 11, 2007

(Grand)Children are a heritage of the Lord..

This is the weekend that we are enjoying the 8 Smith kids while their parents are at the Home School Conference in Dallas. Wow! They kept us hopping all day and they are still wide awake but Dave and I are both ready for bed! All the little ones are bathed and in bed...the older ones are watching "Battle Cry" from Virginia.

We spent much of the

And swimming...

Then laying on the dock and warming up after swimming..And playing in sand...running up and down and up and down and up and down the hill from the lake to the house! It was a beautiful day and we Praise GOD for His goodness to us and allowing us time to enjoy our grandkids!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Boat House/Dock/Arbor

It was started last summer- when Dave and Sam began construction on the arbor- which is adjacent to the sea wall down by the water. They put in the posts, had the concrete poured, then constructed the arbor over it. Then....due to the drought on Lake Fork ( a 3 year drought) and the water being down 7 feeet! We had dredging done out in front of our property- thus the BIG hill of dirt- there all winter- even after the boat house was almost done.

Now- the dirt is leveled out- the boat house is done- but we are still waiting on electric work and boat lifts to be completed.

We were able to enjoy our family out there last weekend- the kids swam and fished and had a great time...we look forward to many fun times out there and the completion of the project...well, I don't know if it will EVER be completed. Dave and Sam keep coming up with other things to get done- and me. Like the sand beach- the lawn or grass to cover all the dredged area on the hill between the house and lake..minor details.

Now this is what is all about!

I love having a husband (and sons and son in law) who love to work and build and do projects like this. Never a dull moment around our house. There is always another plan, another project...another day. We praise the LORD for each day.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I'll post this today and hopefully have an update tomorrow so you can compare what has been going on at the lake front here on Lake Fork, Texas. THis was the beginning of the boat house back in March...and we have been SLOWLY progressing ever since...inching closer to the time when we can actually have a BOAT in the water at the lake!

We are being blessed by seeing our children/grandchildren on a weekly basis and having them nearby for fun, companionship and counsel. Funny how we need THEIR counsel at times in our lives. This has been a challenging week for us and we are thankful for the input of children and their spouses who are tuned in to what God is doing here on planet Earth.

This weekend we get to have the Smith "8" here for a few days while their parents go to the Home school conference in Dallas. Last weekend we got to spend time with the three boys and their families as they will all be out of town this weekend at the Teen Mania event in Virginia.

We look forward to the weekend and times ahead with our children and grandchildren.

Friday, May 04, 2007

On Raising kids

All who are interested in reading some good counsel on child sure to click on my side bar...Metro Moms. I wish I'd had some of this kind of advice when I was raising my four. God is meet us where we are. My lack of counsel is my excuse for all of you girls and one guy who are living with my mistakes! Love you all! You are all so special.

Memo from our Boss

I was sent this in an e-mail today and it is really meaningful and inspirational. Only the diligent will do this. I can't figure out an easier way to get you to this. You have to click on this and then at that site click on Memofromourboss. Enjoy!