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Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Boat House/Dock/Arbor

It was started last summer- when Dave and Sam began construction on the arbor- which is adjacent to the sea wall down by the water. They put in the posts, had the concrete poured, then constructed the arbor over it. Then....due to the drought on Lake Fork ( a 3 year drought) and the water being down 7 feeet! We had dredging done out in front of our property- thus the BIG hill of dirt- there all winter- even after the boat house was almost done.

Now- the dirt is leveled out- the boat house is done- but we are still waiting on electric work and boat lifts to be completed.

We were able to enjoy our family out there last weekend- the kids swam and fished and had a great time...we look forward to many fun times out there and the completion of the project...well, I don't know if it will EVER be completed. Dave and Sam keep coming up with other things to get done- and me. Like the sand beach- the lawn or grass to cover all the dredged area on the hill between the house and lake..minor details.

Now this is what is all about!

I love having a husband (and sons and son in law) who love to work and build and do projects like this. Never a dull moment around our house. There is always another plan, another project...another day. We praise the LORD for each day.


Jan said...

WOW!!! Everything looks SUPER! It looks so inviting and I know your whole family will enjoy making memories down by the lake for many years. Keep posting pictures, please!

Brandi said...

This looks amazing! Dave is such a hard worker! You must be so proud of him and your son's. This will be so wonderful for your family and friends who visit . . . (hopefully us one day!).
God is so good to us all!