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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The earth declaes the glory of God!

I just had to update my "hot tub" blog after the spectacular job that God is doing in painting our landscape here in East Texas. We don't generally have the beautiful fall colors that you in the northern and eastern parts of our countries get...BUT GOD... this year.. .I guess maybe due to the drought we are having...the landscape is beautiful. Our view from the hot tub are spectacular. The top picture and here again...was a view from our front door yesterday when the sun was brilliantly highlighting the oaks in the front yard. are awesome!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Month of Thanksgiving

Oh Give thanks unto the Lord for He is good! His goodness does abound to us daily and we are reminded of so many things for which we give thanks! Dave and I were sitting in the hot tub the other morning talking about how good God was to prod us into getting this blessing. It was in 1992- Amy and Brian had just taken our ONLY grandchild at the time- Caitlin- and boarded a plane for Spain-to attend a school of YWAM- another step to bring them closer to living their lives in Chad, Africa. I was so grief stricken that I could not return to school to teach my 7th graders World History that day. Dave took me to the mall- where he so graciously bought me 2 dresses and a coat...just trying to cheer me up and soothe my sorrows! While strolling through the mall we happened to stop by a hot tub display. It was fun to look but since Dave would NEVER go in a hot tub at a motel, etc...I knew we could only wish. BUT....out of the blue Dave said...maybe we should buy one! And we did! And so began the HOT TUB adventure which continues to this day. We have had a hot tub in 3 different states- Colorado- Florida and Texas and continue to head out there first thing in the morning to start our day! We talked of all the conversations, blessings, times of prayers, discussions of ALL kinds of things, joys, sorrows, concerns, and the list goes on.We have laughed, cried, shared times with grandchildren...children...friends... We figure we have had over 7,000 HOURS of face to face converstions in our hot tub and are so thankful for the way GOD has blessed us with this!
So...tomorrow we will get up early....get a cup of freshly brewed coffee...and head out to the hot tub to enjoy God's creation and each other!