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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Merry 3 sons...daughter...and...

Christmas Eve...already 5 days a go! What a glorious day it was for us. That morning ALL 23 of our children, spouses and their children showed up at our church, Church on the Rock, in Quitman, Texas, to worship with us. What a blessing and the best Christmas present one could want! (Jon obliged us by wrapping up a box with a card that said, "We came to church".
That afternoon we shared dinner (Beth shows Amy how to do the green bean thing!)
and gifts but the best gift was the morning and then just having them all in our home for the day. The kids played and had so much fun...adults ate...and ate...and ...
visted and cheered the Broncos to victory!
Christmas...children....15 grandchildren...could we be more blessed? God is SO good and we Praise HIM for all HIS mercies in our lives.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

A week with grandkids

Mom and dad are gone on a cruise and we get to have the 8 kids for a week. So far the first two days have been gloriously wonderful weather- 75-80- so the kids have had a ball outside- in the sand- on the lake- fishing- hunting for lures since the lake is down and generally having a great time.

Their mom had all the meals prepared- most frozen- and a list of who takes care of little ones- who does meal preps- and everything SO organzied. Today we took all 8 to Walmart 'shopping'. Quite an experience. Tomorrow is church and we'll see what the rest of the week brings!
Here they are having breakfast.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Home in Texas

It is great to be home again...we've been here almost 2 weeks and it has been a whirlwind of activity since we hit the ground in Texas on Dec 2. We've been to Amy, David's and Sam's for dinner...had all 25 of our family here at our house for dinner for Amy's birthday. Then that week I was blessed to be able to share on "The Power of Color...or "Dressing like a Queen for a KING" at the Teen Mania Honor Academy optional girl's meeting. About 50-75 girls came and learned about what "season" of colors they should be wearing to look their best. That day we also went to lunch at Amy's house for JM's 8th birthday party. Then on Sunday we had about 25 of our home group from church here for a pot luck dinner and children's gift exchange. Monday was the day of "THE TEa"..this is an event I've been planning and working on since about October. We had about 40 ladies from church here last night for a "Celebration of Joy" high tea. We couldn't have done it without the help from my cousin, Larry and his wife Sue, Dave, Amy and girls and a few girls from church who served. Sue and I worked ALL day on setting tables and baking everything from breads to scones and desserts and sandwich fillings. It was all served beautifully by our "serving staff" to the accompaniement of Christmas Carols played by the string trio of the 3 oldest of Amy's girls. It was beautiful! Dave had decorated the outside of the house with lights and lined the long drive with luminarians- it really looked nice. Everyone really enjoyed it...I don't think most of these ladies in east TX have been to many "high teas" and they felt honored. I was blessed!
We've loved spending time with our kids and grandkids- and are looking forward to this week when we get to babysit for the S. "8" while their parent go on a cruise! They will be here for a week and their mom and dad will return just in time for Christmas. We hope to have the whole family out here for Christmas day...then just 4 more days and we'll be returning to Florida. So goes life here in East Texas.
Oh yes...the tag game...I was tagged by Lisa...having to name 5 things people don't know about me.
Well, my life is an open book so there isn't much that is not known and absolutely NOTHING of any interest! so....her goes..
1. I really enjoy cooking and miss not being able to do that much any more since we are always on a diet! I love it when all the family comes and I can cook!
2. I enjoy sitting at the computer and writing and sending e-mails. I am the self appointed "secretary" for my highschool class of 1959 and keep everyone abreast of current events in families. We are currently sharing "Christmas letters".
3. I love to read...but never read in high school and had to "fake" most of my book reports. My favorite authors are Karen Kingsbury and Francine Rivers.
4. I enjoy riding bikes, walking on the beach, and most anything I do with my husband.
5. My most favorite activity with Dave- well, almost the most favorite- is Ballroom Dance!
sooo. My tag goes to Jan Barron- you can catch up with her on my side bar!.'re it!