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Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Boat Dock

Okay...this is for John, requesting pictures of the boat dock...this is in varying stages...we have to go out in the boat one of these days and take some shots from the lake is hard to get it all from land! Here Sam, Lisa and Dave have probably just put the boat in the slip for the first

time- quite an exciting and long awaited day.
The lower picture was taken the day the construction part of the dock was completed- before it all was stained and the boat lifts were in- that was sometime in May.

Below is the

picture of how the kids appreciated the WARM wood of the dock in early May- when the water was cold! Now...the water is more like bath water and the kids are loving swimming and having a great time. I'll try to get some photos of that next time!

The rest of the story

The rest of the story....
Tori registered the catch for the day! Yes, Josiah! So....we called Amy...she very calmly said, take him to the DR. in Mineola-we'll meet you there. Josiah was very calm, this is his second hook in I think the same ear. We all loaded up and went to the DR- all being Haley, Tori, Josiah and us. It cut the fishing day very short- much to all the fisherman's dismay!
Since then...we've had all the family here to eat, swim and fish several times...taught Vacation Bible School for a week and packed and sent off Dave for a week in Canada on the fly in fishing trip with Jon, David and Sam. They should be up there by now and are probably fishing away! I pray for lots of fish and good weather and fellowship----and not too many Ding Dongs, Ho Ho's and Twinkies so they can all survive the week!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Family time together

yep...that is his office! This is where he arranges for most of the family gatherings, does his business...and ...generally drives Sam nuts when talking to him because he has to hang up to land a fish!

June is just a really crazy month for the Hasz household. We have 13 birthdays and 2 anniversaries..Father's day...Vacation Bible School and the Hasz boys Fly in to Canada Fishing trip.

In just this past week we have had 3 family gatherings with all 25 of us present! Isn't God good? We love having our family so close together that we can celebrate life together.

Last week Dave helped David, Jon and Sam host the First annual Teen Mania Track Meet with abouat 700 participants! That was a great event- perfect weather-fun to be a part of it.

Over Memorial Day we hosted the Family Campout here. THings didn't materialize quite like we'd planned- Amy couldn't get their camper to work so the 5 oldeset kids spent the night here in tents and Amy and the little ones "comuted". It was fun to have them here! Sam and Lisa found a problem with their 5th wheel when they went to pack it out from home so Dave and Sam spent much of Sat. repairing. How great that they can do things like that!

Everyone enjoyed the great weather, the new dock and boat house, the great fishing and swimming. We were able to grill out down by the lake and spend much time just enjoying the kids and each other. We are so grateful to God for allowing us to live here and have a place that our family can enjoy.

The Smith kids (the 3 oldest) spent the night here on Monday...asked if they could go early morning fishing...and we said 'yes" provided you don't wake us up! About 6:45 there is a knock on our bedroom door...."grammy....." "Yes" Josiah needs you. to be continued when Blogger will download the next picture....