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Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Boat Dock

Okay...this is for John, requesting pictures of the boat dock...this is in varying stages...we have to go out in the boat one of these days and take some shots from the lake is hard to get it all from land! Here Sam, Lisa and Dave have probably just put the boat in the slip for the first

time- quite an exciting and long awaited day.
The lower picture was taken the day the construction part of the dock was completed- before it all was stained and the boat lifts were in- that was sometime in May.

Below is the

picture of how the kids appreciated the WARM wood of the dock in early May- when the water was cold! Now...the water is more like bath water and the kids are loving swimming and having a great time. I'll try to get some photos of that next time!


Brandi said...

John isn't much of a fisherman, but he said if he could fish off Dave's dock, maybe he would be! He said it looks so nice and he is very happy for you guys. You are making many memories with your grandchildren that they will treasure for many years to come! We love you guys so much! You are such an example to so many!

~Ginger said...

Beautiful setting! What a wonderful time for all of your guys to be able to take the fishing trip. I'm praying for all the moms back home with their little ones.

So glad your grandson is okay. What a story he'll have to tell for many years to come!

Beth said...

You guys really are such great grandparents!

Lisa H said...

Great pictures! We are so glad you live on such a wonderful lake--especially now that you have the completed dock to help us all enjoy it even more!

Poor Josiah...and poor you guys! It must have been horrible dealing with that fish hook! :)