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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Technology ....and the shed-edited

After my long absence I had hoped to just get on the internet today and update. Well, now - 5 hours later….I am on the internet finally but on my laptop. I couldn’t log on to the web on out desktop, so after literally HOURS of tech support with Earthlink…they have determined that it is my computer…I can log on …get e-mail- but can’t get Internet Explorer to come up. They say I have to find someone who knows how to reinstall Internet Explorer as my browser! HELP!!! How do I do this? Jon??? Val??? Anyone????

Okay...I just uploaded a picture but where is it???? and now I click on the add image and nothing...I feel like there is a tech curse on this house. We can't get our t.v. in the bedroom working either.
Our pastor talked about his frustrations with computers this a.m. and I thought...too bad he doesn't know how to use it!!!! Oh Father, forgive me for judging this man...I thought I knew a few things...I know nothing!
Okay...20 min. to upload one picture...I published then came back to edit...and...I think I'll wait until tomorrow and go to town tomorrow and use the wi-fi at Dairy Queen. Goodnight.
Okay. here we are at Dairy Queen! Here is what it looked like with half the trusses in place.. Sam and his intern, Matt, worked on the roof, Dave worked on the ground handing up things, cutting, etc.
Trusses all up!

That was quick! Sam and Matt still on the roof- the sheeting is complete..this is all Sat. morning. Next...the shingeling. Lisa and the boys arrived about 4- in time to admire the job. Then Jon and Kelly showed up...and here is Jon cooking crab, fresh from Fl!

After dinner we had a rousing game of Wizzard- and then....all quiet on the Lake Fork Front.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Rain in East Texas!

Yes, I should have taken a picture of it! It was only an inch but the first rain of almost all summer. The lake here is the lowest in it's history!
Sam and Lisa and Jon and Kelly and families have been gone for a week lying on the beaches of the Gulf Coast. new work on Dave's shed.
This weekend we attended a fun birthday party for Josiah at the S. house. It was a fishing tournament on their pond and attended by cousins Cole, Ash and Jay and another family with 8 children. They caught several fish and really had a great time. I tried to get there with my camera but couldn't climb under the barbed wire fence!
Not much else new here.
Read an interesting book, The Maker's Diet...anyone read it? What do you think?
I hope to have pictures of more building progress later this week.
We are LOVING the cooler temperatures! It was only about 88 today and felt SO good.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Dave's Shed at the end of last Saturday- day 2

end of day 3
Remember the traumatic beginning of day 2? That was when Dave and Sam discovered that the wall they had put up on the 4th of July to hold the electric box was wrong...and they had to take 3 inches off the top of each of those boards...that was the second picture...but then..when they got that straightened out they made great headway and have the shed to this point! Now we'll order trusses and when Sam and Lisa and Jon and Kelly get back from thier fun in the sun down in Destin! we hope to get the trusses put up..then the finishing..etc.
While they were doing this...I was babysitting for the Smith 8. Here are a couple of the kids enjoying the stilts that Dave built for them a few years back. They keep busy and had fun...swimming, swinging, stilting, legos, cars, reading, crafts, busy, busy, busy!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

YES! THIS is progress

This is how it looked last night when they quit...2 hours after my last post. Progress is being made and they are doing well today. I'll show you later.
I have the 8 Smiths here today. Their parents are having a weekend away- I don't know why they would need a rest!
They arrived about 7:30 this morning- after having pancakes some of them got involved in an almost 2 hour Monopoly game. We've done various other games-fishing-crafts- lunch and... Right now they are enjoying "An American Tale" which is a good memory for the older ones of watching it at our house in Denver when they were little and the little ones are enjoying it for the first time!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Is this progress????

Where have we been? What have we been up to? Well- trying to keep up with our kids…they are a moving bunch! We played cards and had dinner with David on Friday- went to Dallas and spent Sunday with Brian and Amy and family and looked at houses- went to Sam’s on Monday for a barbeque and cards- and have worked the rest of the week on things around here. We love having our kids near by and the fact that they include us in their activities!
Sam came this afternoon to help Dave get started on his “shed”. Here is the picture of what it looked like when they started.
And here is 2 hours later.
Progress is not going so well…keep posted.