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Thursday, May 29, 2008

more news coming soon

I know it has been awhile. Last weekend we had LOTS of company (Sam, Lisa, Henry, Jonah, Bridget, Jon, Kelly, Jordan, David, Beth, Ashley, Jonathan, Cole, Nicholas, Russ Underwood, Stephen Briggs, Jen, Megan Baker) and loved every minutes...this weekend we'll be helping Dave and beth move; helping run the Teen Mania Track meet; hosting a Gen Lead Team Bar B Que; dancing on Friday night; helping pack with Beth opon Saturday; going to church; and making our home available for Henry's 5th birthday party on Sunday afternoon. If I find a spare minute...I'll post some pictures and stories about our ever busy life!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Dave and His Garden

I am so proud of my husband...and thankful to GOD for making this garden grow. I think maybe Dave missed his calling...he is happy driving his tractor.WOW! It sure looks different with leaves on the trees now! Yea for Spring!!!..running his cultivator....doing all the work around this property. God, you are so awesome and good. Thank you for the health and wisdom he has to do this.!
Just in case you missed my post yesterday...I did a month long review!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

A Visit from the Welshs and a High Tea

If I am on the highest mountain, in the air, on the water, or under the deepest ocean, nothing can ever separate me from You. My spirits soar like the eagle; You are there. They sink to the lowest despair; still I know You are with me, showing Your magnificent love.

Wow...I can hardly believe that it has been almost a month since my last post. Where did that month go?
I guess we spent some time in April getting ready for our guests from Wisconsin. The Welshs-Nancy and Terry- our long time friends, came to visit and spent 10 days with us. We tried to entertain them East Texas style...which had its ups and downs. I guess we have become quite accustomed to our lifestyle here. That included dinner with Sam and Lisa, and dinner with Jon and Kelly, a visit from Larry and Becky Hansing over the weekend, a tour of Teen Mania, chapel at Teen Mania, playing cards, fishing, talking over old times .... and time dancing. We have adapted our ballroom dance to the East TX style but that didn't go over very well with the Welshs. This is our style now..but Terry and Nancy have progressed to a different level of dance, so the dance floor was not big enough for their style so they were disappointed to not be able to dance..thus...that was the end of our dancing time in Texas! Nancy came prepared as the "story teller" and thrilled some of our grand kids with her rendition of "The Three Little Pigs." One day we had lunch with David- I took them to a special "Organic" restaurant which Nancy and I loved but Terry and Dave were less than thrilled and went away hungry and wanting some "real" food. Jon and Kelly and Jordan came for dinner one night while Larry and Becky Hansing were also here and thrilled us with stories of his visit to India and few years a go and the advancement of the Gospel there which he was able to experience first hand. Dave, Nancy and I spent most mornings reminiscing about old times and new times and sharing insights from the WORD while soaking up the sun in the hot tub.

We spent the last night in Little Elm with Amy, Brian and family and took in the concert which Caitlin, Haley and Tori played in. It was fun to be with them. Monday we took the Welshs to the airport and saw them off back to Wisconsin.
I spent the rest of the week preparing for the "High Tea" which I helped give at Teen Mania on Saturday for 250 girls. I had wonderful help from Emily and Sarah- two interns who spear headed the transformation of the auditorium into a garden and prepared "tea sandwiches, scones and desserts" for these ladies. These girls were absolutely amazing
and I know all the girls really appreciate all they did to put on this event for them! Dave and I did a Waltz demo for the girls. That was fun and especially fun to see our male servers- who were some of the male interns- trying out the steps behind the scenes!
I've been spending the rest of this weekend resting up! We did go down to Sam and Lisa's last night for dinner and cards and took in a local play this afternoon. Tonight I sat on the pier and read while Dave proceeded to catch a batch of blue gill which we came up and ate for dinner...along with our salad from our garden. God is good! We are so blessed! Can live get any better than this?