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Saturday, March 07, 2009

March Madness

Well, not really madness...just March! We began last Monday night with the ring banquet-the culmination of the "week of the Ring" at Teen Mania. There were 5 nights of sessions on how to live a live of honor- in the areas of "honor", "purity", "Integrity", Perseverance" and "The Ring- joining the line of 5,000 who have gone before and taken the pledge to live a life of honor. The sessions were all so excellent- oh to have had an opportunity to have this kind of teaching at 18-19 or 20 like these young adults are having. I am challenged to re-examine my life in all these areas and to commit to living an honorable all the days that the Lord will allow me to live! I don't have my ring yet..but hope to get it soon!
Last weekend we were visited by Amy and children. They came on Sunday evening and left on Tuesday. Monday Lisa and children and Kelly and children plus Amy and children and Dave's two oldest kids were all here on Monday! We had 15 or 17 grandkids here. They had a ball- they played outside all day- swinging, fishing, building castles and moats in the sandbox, riding bikes, scooters, skate boards and whatever else they could find to ride on! It was a fun opportunity for the girls to just sit and visit and talk about raising children, etc. What a fun day!
We went to Sam's later in the afternoon- Sam and Lisa have a great property and home-Room for the kids to run outside and a fun fire ring for a hot dog roast! THey hosted the Smiths while Dave and I went to the Ring banquet. Tuesday morning the Smith family had to leave for home early to get ready for Veggie distribution day! Wednesday and THursday were busy days at work- I spoke to the women interns on Thursday morning and had the Gen Lead TEam meeting at Kelly's in the afternoon.
We had dinner with Sam and Lisa on Thursday. Dave and MOSTLY Sam, replaced another part on the car and this one did the trick for fixing the problem! They replaced a wheel something or other.Friday night Sam and family came to help me celebrate my birthday- a few days early! They left tonight with a group of interns from Teen Mania for a Colorado excursion! Tomorrow we plan to be together with Jon and Kelly and kids and later in the day with Amy and children in Greenville or Rockwall. I am so blessed! Today I recounted all that GOD has done for me over these 68 years...I am so very blessed! He pursued me with his relentless love and saved me! He has given me friends, family, health, homes, a ministry in sharing his love with others...I am just so blessed! I want to spend the rest of my life sharing HIS love with anyone whom the Lord brings into my life.
Here are a few pictures of flowers from our yard..and excited about the pear tree he planted a few years a go! He gets so excited about his trees and plants..and has the garden all in except for the tomatoes! I have the best husband!
Today we bought blueberry and raspberry bushes and planted them...along with flowers for around the one little flower garden! That is ALL I want to take care of so I am very happy with that...Dave has flowering bushes and plants ALL around the house that he cares for ...along with all his fruit trees and miles and miles of sprinkle system that he has installed around the property to care for it all! He is amazing!