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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Great is Thy Faithfulness

Mother's Day...This family photo was taken on Mother's day. It says it all..God's faithfulness....Thank you Lord for the gift of family! We are so blessed. All the family gathered in Tyler for the photo then went to David's house for a cook out.
Yesterday we saw the Oncologist and let him know that I am DONE with chemo. After the tests from my nutritionist that showed 3 NEW cancer processes this time- after NO cancer last time- we conclude- time to STOP. (His recommendation was to do one more but he said he expected me to bail after 3 so I hung in for 5) The new cancer processes are at 200- moderate is 300 -500 but are in my blood which is new and probably DUE to chemo. ( This does not mean that I HAVE cancer- just processes that could lead to it) I will get on with DETOX and allowing the Lord to rebuild my immune system to deal with these and other invaders. I will continue on the nutritional diet of no meat or dairy or sugar or wheat. I mainly eat whole grains and vegetables. It is a great diet for loosing weight! I now tip the scales at 110! Next week I will have a Echo gram to check my heart and a PET scan to check for tumors. We continue to ask for your prayers for my total healing and for us to glorify God in all we do.
Today we go to Dallas. I am doing a training for Restoring the Foundations- it is a method of dealing with people and their problems to help them discover the answers to their own freedom and healing and deliverance. Dave will drive another young lady and I from Teen Mania to Dallas for the 3 hours session which I will be conducting by myself with this young lady.
I am working one day a week at Teen Mania which is PLENTY for right now. We are looking at taking July off for vacation in Colorado and Canada.
God's faithfulness to us continues to be displayed on a daily basis for which we are thankful. I feel good and look forward to renewed strength and energy levels and getting all the chemo drugs out of my body!

Here we are- Dave and I with all 17 grandchildren. Children ARE a heritage of the Lord...the fruit of the womb IS his reward. God is so faithful and each child is so precious and so loved. I'll give you an update on each family in the next post...