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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

This is WHY we have peace TODAY

This is NOT the time to have a house for sale in Florida... but we do! (This is the house last Jan...we started the process of building it in Nov. 2005...long before this crisis...but it was not completed until March of 2007!So we are asking for Prayer FROM ANYONE who reads this blog. Our peace is based on the following. All glory and honor and praise be to our Lord and Savior JESUS!

"A Christian's inner peace is never based on his ability to take the teachings of Scripture and figure it all out. Our peace always rests on the presence, power, and character of the Lord." - p. 30, Instruments of Change in the Redeemer's Hands"

Friday, August 10, 2007

Haszy, Crazy, Lazy Days of Summer

Today is to be our FIRST day of summer of 100 degrees...quite a contrast from last summer where we had 33 days over 100! This is another picture from camp....this is what summer is all about.

Monday, August 06, 2007


July 9 was my last update! To give you an idea of why I have not blogged in a month...and this is an account of GLORY to GOD for giving us the health, strength, home and lifestyle to be able to do the things we have done in the past 30 days. To GOD be the GLORY...great things HE hath done!

July 10-13...we held The 2nd Annual Grandkids camp- Pirate our house

July 14- Sam and family and Jon and family came to spend the day boating, swimming, etc.

July 15- Shower at Kelly's for Lisa Hasz

July 16, 17- Work at Amy's to help her pack to move to Dallas area (PRAISE be to one week all prayers were answered-they sold their Garden Valley house, bought a home in Little Elm- north of Dallas- and Brian got a job!

July 17-18- We kept 4 of the Smith kids while Amy and Brian finished up some business in Dallas

July 19-Invited to David and Beth's home for dinner

July 10 Went to Tyler and saw "Sound of Music" with Sam and Lisa

July 21-Babysat her with Henry and Jonah while Sam and Lisa went car shopping

July 22-Went to Sam and Lisa's for homemade icecream

July 23,24- helped Amy pack- kept Smith 6- 2 went to Dallas with mom and dad- for 2 days

July 24-26- Smith "6" kids here

July 26- Smith kids picked up at 5 p.m.-Fisher 6 from Hong Kong arrive for a week

July 27- Attend play with Sam and Lisa

July 28- Sam and Lisa visit to swim and boat with kids

July 29- Pack up Smith moving truck

July 30- Fischers still here- enjoy time with them

July 31- Drive to Tyler to visit grandbaby Bridget- born at 12:45 today.. PRAISE THE LORD..she is Sam and Lisa's 3rd child..our 16th grandchild. GOD is SO GOOD!

August 1 Take Fischer's tubing

August 2-Dave and I take Sam to Dallas to drop of "new" car for repair...Dave takes me to Amy's to help unpack..thier new home is a much bigger house to accomodate all they do with 8 children, home schooling, etc. Fischers leave to head out to Tulsa and more visitation on their summer visitation from Hong Kong.

August 4- Dave comes to Dallas to pick me up

August 5-Jon, Kelly and Jordan, Sam, Lisa, Henry, Jonah, Bridget and Mary (Lisa's mom) come for the day for swimming, fun and fellowship.

So, you can see, there has just been NO time for blogging...but...oh, much time for praising God for His goodness to us. We have loved every minute of being able to serve our family-immediate and extended. We loved having the Fischers here from Hong Kong. What wonderful house guests they were! We hope to get to Hong Kong some day and visit them and see their ministry up close and personal. goes our life...Thank you FATHER GOD for your kindness and goodness to us!