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Friday, August 10, 2007

Haszy, Crazy, Lazy Days of Summer

Today is to be our FIRST day of summer of 100 degrees...quite a contrast from last summer where we had 33 days over 100! This is another picture from camp....this is what summer is all about.


Brandi said...

I just love the pictures you put on your blog of the lake. It looks so relaxing! Maybe one of these days we will get out to Texas to visit you. John said maybe we will go to Texas next year on vacation. His sister lives in Austin. Of course we will go to Dallas to see the Smith's! We are so happy God crossed our paths! You guys are welcome here anytime you want to visit the most beautiful beaches in the USA! But than again, I don't see any reason why you would want to leave that beautiful dock and boathouse over looking that awesome lake! Have a great summer!

Lisa H said...

Cute picture! The boys had SO much fun out there this weekend--thanks again! :)

Beth said...

I forgot how long the intense heat lasted last year . . . guess it's the heat! Hope you're finding a way to stay cool. : )