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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Texas ramblings

Life in East Texas. I had posted an article on Billy Graham earlier tonight...for which I ALREADY had two comments...only to check things out on Snopes and find that part of it was not true! So I have deleted the article. Sorry.

Life in East Texas has been SO busy....since I last posted on Feb. 17th. Since then we have been to Denver and back to watch the Faith Christian High School boys and girls basketball teams make it all the way to State and be defeated in the semifinals...very disappointing- But..we did get to see many, many friends and family and for that we are grateful.

We are back home- looking forward to spring...a beautiful time of year here.

Lisa has helped me out with some pictures! The redbuds are decorating the landscapes all along the highways and are so are the Bradford Pears...and my favorite birds are back...

Next week we look forward to welcoming back the hummingbirds.

We have been so blessed to be able to see our kids and grandkids so much this past month.

I got to attend the Beth Moore simulcast in Tyler several weeks a go where she spoke on Getting out of the Pit". I have been tremendously blessed and stretched through her Bible Study on Daniel. It is sad that there are only 4 lessons left! I have loved this study!

Dave is constantly working on.."things"- water lines...his shop..etc. and right now is overseeing the "boat dock" construction. We hope to have a boat house and dock in a few weeks now.

Our sons have been busy with Teen Mania- all being in San Francisco last weekend for "BattleCry". See and go on the Battlecry link so see details. We will be going to Detroit with them in April to experience this...we are looking forward to that!

This is NOT one of our grandkids...but the picture is priceless. Don't you love the expression on the dog?