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Sunday, January 02, 2011

2010 The Year in Review

January 1, 2010... As we approached a new year it was with much prayer, and trusting God with my life. I knew I had cancer- but not what kind, where, or what stage. I was scheduled to see doctors, have tests, scans, etc. We made many, many trips to Tyler, Tx- one hour from home- for all these appointments. Often we went three times a week. Once everything was scheduled- and I'd had a biopsy- but had to wait over a week for the results- so Dave and I took off for Colorado to have prayer and treatment with Mike and Mary King. They graciously welcomed us into their home for 5 days and Mike counseled, tested, treated me and set us on a nutritional path for battling this disease. Back home- we met with the Dr. and got the diagnosis of Lymphoma cancer. I was then sent to the Oncologist-Dr. Droder- and he laid out a plan of treatment- one to last until April.
Our daughter, Amy, was there with us for many of the appointments and was such a great source of support for us. Jon came over at lunch time for several of the treatment days. There were some tense time of facing reality...and choosing to trust God..
.I began the first of 5 chemo treatments- lost all my hair after the 2nd- and chose throughout the time to rejoice in the Lord and trust Him for healing- in whatever way He chose to bring that about. I am so thankful to my husband, to Sam and Lisa who were living with us due to their house fire- so were such a support in every way!- to my children- Amy, Jon, David and Sam and their support- to friends who sent flowers, cards, gifts, prayers, came to visit, - such an outpouring of love. I felt so valued! Thank you God for all this support and love- people from all over the world contacted me on Facebook as the word spread of the battle.
Near the end of February- Dave chose to send me to Wisconsin for a time of R & R with my good friends Nancy and Terry.We had a beautiful snow fall in February- such a treat for the kids- we don't see this often in Texas! I was there a little more than 2 weeks and was treated royally. On my birthday my sisters, Patty and Sandy showed up to surprise me! My friend Rose Hayes was there for a week with me also.
What a blessing to be in fellowship with Nancy and Terry and friends from Full Gospel Church there. I dearly missed my husband and was glad to be back home- but thankful for the time in Wisconsin. By the time I came home on March 15th- it was spring time in Texas- the trees were in bloom- as well as the daffodils! I came home full of faith and well rested. By April I had a clear report from Mike- cancer free which was confirmed by a Pet Scan in April or May by the Dr. Praise you Jesus!
June came with the beginning of summer and the time for our annual Grand Kids camp. We could not have done it this year without the help of our granddaughters- Caitlin, Haley, Tori and Ashley who basically "ran" the camp. We had the 11 oldest grand-kids- you have to be 6 to come to camp...and they were here for 4 days with all the camp activities in full swing. We were so blessed by the way the children loved each other and displayed such godly character qualities- a testimony to their parents who are training them to fear the Lord! Activities included swimming, fishing, boating, Bible lessons, dance instruction (they did a hip hop dance for the family "show", crafts, skits, KP duty, tournaments, BB guns, archery,the construction of their team flag as well as individual flags and lots of laughing and fun! they all (almost all) memorized Psalm 16.

The July heat drove us to Colorado to camp with Sam and Lisa and family in the mountains near the Sand Dunes- it was actually COLD at night and we rejoiced! Int eh fall we made the annual trip to Destin Florida with Jon, Sam and families for a week and spent several nights camping with Jon and Kelly here in Texas.
I went back to work at Teen Mania in the summer- started back slowly- just one day a week- to the work I love- being the Titus 2 older woman to the young women there who desire to be mentored. I am so blessed that God is allowing me to do this. I had all the girls from the "core" that I am "core mom" to over in October to prepare a Thanksgiving meal- quite fun.
Another mentoring experience that I am enjoying this year is being a Mentor Mom to a group of MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) at a church in Garden Valley. Kelly- my daughter in law- hooked me up with this position and it is fun.
We were thrilled to have the weather turn cooler in November and welcomed Thanksgiving and the Christmas season. With the help of several women from my church I was able to host the Christmas tea for over 40 some women. Dave and John Cameron graciously did all the valet parking and made all the tea. Lisa directed all the serving and it was an elegant affair! Thanks to all who made that possible.
Christmas day our home overflowed with love, laughter and people! All 27 of us plus Joab Fischer from Hong Kong joined together to celebrate the birthday of the king- JESUS! What a perfect ending to a year blessed by God.