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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Fisherman and the Princess

     Once upon a time there was a little girl who had big dreams.  She was the middle of five children- three sisters and a brother.  Her parents were self employed in the floor covering business but faithfully sent their children to a Lutheran school to get a Christian education-even though they spent most of their time at the store. She is the scraggly one on  the left! She really never did feel like a Princess!
      One of the dreams of this little maiden- due to the love and care of her 2nd grade teacher- was to become a teacher just like Mrs. Amt.  She played school at every chance and couldn't wait for summer to bring all her school books home to set up school in the basement for her little sisters.  She, of course, was always the teacher.  One of her favorite all time gifts came when she was in 5th grade- a black board with a roll map on top- perfect for playing school!
       Another dream that she and her sisters had was to be married and be a mommy.  Every time a big flock of birds would fly over they would shout, "There goes my wedding!"  She would dream  of her dress, the church, but never really had a face on the groom.
       This child knew of Jesus from an early age- thinking she saw Jesus in a train car on her way to Charleston to be with her daddy in the Navy during WWII.  They were in a sleeper car and getting ready for bed when she peeked her head out and saw a Nun who had removed her black habit.  She announced to the whole car- Mom!  Come see Jesus!  But...alas...she didn't really "know" Jesus at this point. That would come later!
       Middle and high school became the time to begin to develop relationships with the male species.  Since she had a very rough relationship with her own brother- she didn't really know how to be a "friend" with guys but always longed for and usually had a "boyfriend".  There were two special boys in high school who treated her kindly, loved her and eventually she had to discard because she did not know how to receive that kind of love from a male and it felt uncomfortable.
      Eventually she graduated from high school and went off to college to pursue her dream of becoming a teacher..  Her time had come!  The very first night there she got a call from her RA saying there was a young man who "saw" her and wanted to take her out for pizza that night.  She felt pretty safe at this school since they  all had the same Religious background and asked a few key questions about him- so- she and her roommate set out with these two guys to get pizza.She  was awestruck!

This guy was a Senior and the most gorgeous male she had ever seen- and he had chosen her !  That date turned into several more- and then he began dating her  roommate and her  at the same time-  oh well.  That year it was on and off as she would await a phone call-usually Friday afternoon- saying-  Want to go dancing tonight?  She  was always available And could he ever dance!  Goldie's in Oak Park was their hangout and J8 on the jukebox  "Primrose Lane" was their song. . One of their  early dates was to go fishing- his favorite pastime.!
As the year progressed the relationship cooled somewhat and after Christmas a new crop of males arrived as Transfers from another college.  Among these was another gorgeous guy- and she began hanging out with him and liking it. One night The Fisherman came back on campus to find her  only to find she was out with "the other guy".  This led to a passionate pursuit by  him and he eventually asked her to commit to a relationship of not dating anyone else to which she asked no questions about what that meant for the future but said, "Yes!" At one point in this period he said, "When we get married...."She took that as a proposal even though the subject never came up again.
      The following year The Fisherman had graduated and moved to Northern Wisconsin to teach school.  They  seldom saw each other as he was 300 miles away  and their communication was a weekly phone call and letters.  Nothing was said about their  future and she  was not going to bring it up!  During that year she  decided to take things into her own hands and go out after the summer semester as a "supply teacher". She  interviewed for placement and told them she was getting married!  Well...he had said......WHEN we get married!  So..she was also placed at a Christian school in Northern Wisconsin- just 30 miles from The Fisherman. Their  relationship during that year was on/off as she  would wait by the phone wondering if he would call. She was in a tiny town- no car- no friends-  pretty lonely year.having room and board with an elderly couple.The young Teacher saw that this relationship was really not going anywhere so decided she best return to college the following year to pursue her education degree.  She was re-enrolled, packed up to leave Wisconsin- when she got a phone call from a School in Arlington Heights to come and teach second grade for them and in return, in addition to a regular salary- they would pay for her  to finish college at nights and summer This was a deal she  could not  resist so she took it and moved to Arlington after summer school. 
      That year she shared an apartment with 3 other teachers, enjoyed teaching 2nd grade, went to school at night and saw the Fisherman occasionally.  At Christmas that year she went home to be with her family and then returned to spend time with the Fisherman and his family.  This had gone on now for 3 years so everyone was pretty comfortable with the situation.-..except for the young teacher.  So on New Year's Eve that year they were invited to a party given by his sister and brother in law in a town about an hour away.  The evening was spent playing cards- snacks- pretty mundane for the Princess who just really wanted to be pursued by The Fisherman Prince.   She just wanted to be with him!  After midnight the party broke up and they were to head for home.  He wanted to go to his friends home in another town (he had other plans)  but she just wanted time alone!  That really didn't happen.  They went back to his home and said good night and went to bed. (In separate bedrooms of course!)
      A short time later after she was snuggled in her bed with NO visions of sugar plumbs dancing in her head-   she heard a knock at her door.  The fisherman said , "Can I come in?"  He said he had one more gift for her and handed her what looked like a box of earrings.  When she opened the box- to her utter surprise- was the ring that signified the beginning of the next 51 years of joy and companionship with The Fisherman!
David Hasz  and Marybeth Tessman  were married on June 22 the following summer
and lived happily ever after!
50 wedding anniversary- 2013  Dave and Mary Beth Hasz            

And THEN there were 27!  Four children, 4 children in love, and 17 grandchildren.  To GOD be the GLORY!