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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Psalm 107:20 He Sent His Word and healed them.

Just resting in HIS arms this Sunday evening. We heard a great message this morning on the power of praise. We feel so much love and support at church.
We had a healthy lunch at David and Beth's and just enjoyed a Sunday afternoon of laid back conversation with them. The kids wanted to play cards and I felt sorry for them that we didn't do that but promised a "game night" very soon with them.
I need to work on 3 days of the Esther study before tomorrow night and pack to go to Wisconsin on Tuesday.
I have an appointment with the oncologist in the morning to go over the results of the PET Scan the Cardiogram Echo gram.
Pending that...I have a ticket to fly to Wisconsin on Tuesday and spend 2 weeks with my friend Nancy Welsh. My sisters, Patty and Sandy, are planning on coming from Indiana and Missouri to spend a few days with me. I am SO looking forward to it and pray all works out.
Amy will be in tomorrow to visit the DR with us and be our stenographer. She took 7 pages of notes at the last visit.
Our trust is in God and no matter what we hear from the DR we will believe the report of the Lord. He sent His WORD and healed Me. Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice for me for my sins and for my health. I love you!

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Lois said...

Marybeth, in my morning devotion I read Ps.68:19 (in the amplified) and it says,"Blessed be the Lord who bears our burdens amd carries us day by day, even the God who is our salvation" What a wonderful reminder,day by day,one at a time and He will bear any burden in that day, in fact He will even carry us! Be encouraged.Love, Lois