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Thursday, February 04, 2010

The Lord delivers me out of them all!

Our God reigns! His timing is perfect and he orders my steps each day. I am still at home in Texas. His timing for my Wisconsin trip was once again delayed- Southwest airlines is going to get tired of my canceling and rescheduling this trip!
On Monday Amy met us in Tyler at 9 a.m. for our Dr. apt-giving us the results of the tests last week- the PET Scan, Echo gram and checking out the port. I was very encouraged with the results- The lymphoma is in my neck as we knew and in three other small places in my chest and MAYBE in one place in my abdomen- making it a stage 2 and possibly 3. The Dr. didn't think the abdomen spot was a big deal. He said all the lower spots would be gone with the first chemo treatment and felt that the 6 should take care of the neck mass. His recommendation was that I begin chemo immediately-the next day and put off the Wisconsin until after the second treatment- 3 weeks from now. Amy, Dave and I prayed and had peace that this was the right move to make. So I canceled the flight and on Tuesday morning Dave and I made our way to Tyler again to the Clinic for the first Chemo treatment- a thing we said we would NEVER do! It was a very traumatic day for us. First they put us in this room full of ugly wigs- and had us watch a video of cancer survivors and things they wish they had been told.. Then the nurse came in and spent about 30 min. reading to us about all the drugs and all the possible side effects and had me sign off on each one. One of the side effects that surprised us was she said that I would lose all my hair within 14 days...I'm still believing the report of the Lord on that but HIS grace is sufficient for me whatever comes. That about did us both in. We were ready to bolt! But God...He is faithful and gave me peace as I went into the chemo room and got hooked up to begin the process. Dave was having SUCH a hard time that I encouraged to go out to Starbucks and Lowes because I was just going to have my Quiet Time anyway. I was at peace as the process went on- got several phone calls, read just a little and visited with the lady next to me. (The room was UGLY! I'll choose the prettier room next time- even though there is a t.v. in there). I got started about 10- Dave came back at noon with some beans for me for lunch and shortly after Jon came and spent the entire afternoon with us. What a blessing! WE are so thankful that he was sent by God to be with us at that time. We really needed it. All of our friends and family have been incredibly supportive and we feel God's grace through all your prayers, Face book messages and calls and cards. Thank you so much!
Wednesday we had to go back to Tyler to get another shot-part of the Chemo- a $3345 shot!! Geesh! We then made a trip to the American Cancer Society and found out about some of their free services- wigs- a Makeup and scarf tying class on Monday with FREE gifts...I LOVE free gifts!
Today- Praise God- I got to spend the whole day in my upper room. I love it up here. I did lots of Bible study, prayer and listening to Praise music. Dave put up pictures. WE put up a whole wall of all our family pictures starting with Amy at 3 and Jon and David at 1. I love it!
My word of today is....Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivereth him out of them all: Psalm 34:19
Yes, God is delivering me and bringing his healing though the Spirit, through natural means and through Chemo. Praise you God.
I am feeling good. NO side effects other than I am not sleeping. Please put me on your prayer list to sleep. Evidentialy the steroids that are given to boost the white blood cells cause this. I have only slept about 2 hours since Monday night so I really need a good nights sleep. "He giveth His beloved sleep" I am my beloveds and He is mine- so...tonight is the night for sleep!
These are some of the pleasant things I wake up to every morning...God is SOoo good- Sam and Lisa are still with us for a few weeks as their home is nearing completion from the fire of Dec. 5th- Here is Lisa-
making my juice for me each morning- WHAT a blessing. I love you so much Lisa! here is Bridget- always with a big smile and hug to greet us each morning...Grammy- can you pick me up????


Lisa H said...

Praying for a RESTFUL night full of blessed SLEEP! :)

Sandy said...

YES - GOD BLESS DEAR LISA! As I said to Marybeth, how Providential that Lisa & Sam would have a HOUSE FIRE so that they could be with you! Why do we ever worry about anything? "Be anxious for nothing". We will be praying for sleep for you tonight. Tom and I both love you Marybeth!

Lacy said...

Oh my goodness the journey has begun! I'm amazed how wonderfully you are doing through it all! I will pray for sleep too!

~Ginger said...

Thinking about you constantly. I know you are in good hands with Lisa there! Love that girl!

Praying for rest to come and sweet sleep!