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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Rest of the Story

Yesterday, Feb. 15, I had a DR apt to have my blood tested to check the number of white blood cells. I am happy to say that my blood passed with flying colors! The white cell count is way high. Thisis one of the things they are concerned with when having Chemo. The DR. asked how the lump was- I said it is gone! It has been totally gone since about day 5- Praise you Jesus. I said, "Is that what you expected...he hesitated and said...a...yes. I told him he had said that the lymph glands affected in my chest would probably be gone with the first treatment. He said, let's look at the scan. He did...and said...yes...this is better than I expected. Praise you JESUS..YOU are the healer! I said, I think I am cancer free...he said, you may be but you are STILL having 6 treatments...and went on to explain why this would be. So I am scheduled for treatment # 2 next Monday. He gave me the okay to travel to Wisconsin on the following Sat. the 27th and stay until March 16th. I won't need a blood test in between. I told him that my hair started coming out...he took a handful and easily pulled it out...he said it is time to shave you head tonight. It just makes it easier all the way made an appointment with my hair unstylist- my daughter in law- Lisa- and after my Esther study last night- we began the process..This is how I looked when we started out.
We decided to go in stage one was to cut it into a short pixie style...thus....

Then Lisa began with the clippers- starting with the largest one....

Moving on to the next one...

And finally shaving it with no whatever you call that thing. . That last step was pretty traumatic for both Lisa and I. Lisa was so very comforting and supportive. I could not have done it without her. Sam and Dave were there "cheering" us on in the background...feeling rather helpless at times
Our faithful God was through it all, promising that the hairs of my head are all numbered...none of this surprises Him and He will use it all for His glory. My trust is in Him and I want HIM to be glorified through this all.
Now, I am sporting some new hair styles with more to come! This is for every day hair

And this will be for party hair! I have actually ordered a wig I think is nicer and that I will like better.
So this too shall pass and God's grace is just so sufficient for me. Today I have worn a scarf that Kelly made me- she brought me several on Sunday...I haven't had the courage to look in the mirror much..maybe tomorrow....
In the mean hope and trust is in my Lord Jesus Christ...He will see me through it all and HE is my healer and my Joy!


srcodding said...

Mary Beth -- I haven't commented before, but I've been reading for several weeks now. I want you to know that my faith has been joined with yours. HE IS OUR HEALER. I rejoice with you at the good report, as the Dr's word has now begun to line up with the Truth!! Praise the Lord ONLY!! You are already healed, Amen.

Your last entry is very emotional, even from my distance. I want to reach through my computer and hug you too. I lingered on the picture of Lisa hugging you, that's where I wanted to be. Be encouraged.

As for the styles you showed us. The every day style is nice of course, but I vote to change the name of that party style to every day style!! That one looks awesome!! Wear that one every day! :-) Just my vote there.

Blessings to you. I will continue to read every post and hold my faith up with yours until we see the natural line up with God's will. Amen.

Sarah (Petersen) Codding

cristifhl said...

Marybeth! I was completely touched by your humility and candor especially in this post. Yes - to God be the glory in each step of this journey. OH!!!!!!!! How I want to give you a big hug too. A tear fell as I read and I don't think it was a bad tear, more of a i-wish-i-could-be-closer-to-you in the midst of this tear. Sending you my love! Cristina