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Friday, February 26, 2010

Wait for the Lord, be strong, and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the Lord!

Yes, I am waiting on the Lord and HE is meeting me day by day. This second week of chemo has gone well. That took place on Monday. I found out that I could have internet access- all but Face Book ) : It was blocked by the hospital. But I was able to work on the computer which I always enjoy. Also able to communicate with some of you via e-mail. Thanks for all your "visits. Jon came again at lunch time and shared Subway with us. That was fun. God is good.
On Tuesday I got my 2nd $3,000 shot! Thank you God for making provision for keeping my white blood count high! Wednesday I drove to Rockwall - about 1 hour- to have lunch with Amy. She also drove an hour. What fun to just have mom/daughter time. I had to stop and sleep on the way home and have several potty spots on the way there and back- one of the side effects.
My side effects were minimal-again. Praise God. Sleep has been MUCH better this week than the first go around. He DID give His beloved sleep. Thanks for all the prayers.
Sam and Lisa moved out on Wednesday and are settling into their rebuilt home. It is so quiet around here without them and we miss them. Dave is continuing on the bathroom project and got the louvered doors on yesterday. What a nice addition to our upper room! He is amazing. What a guy! I am so blessed.
Tomorrow, Lord willing, I leave for Wisconsin. I will be seeing many friends there. Nancy and Terry Welsh will be hosting me for a little over 2 weeks for a time of R and R. Bless them Lord! The following week my two sisters, Patty, from Indiana and Sandy from MO will be visiting me for a few days. That will be fun. Isn't God just so good?
Thanks for keeping me in your prayers and all your encouraging messages on Facebook and in your comments. They mean so much to me and I appreciate your taking the time! My God is so good and making me strong. I take heart in HIM.


Lisa H said...

Good morning! So glad you're continuing to update your blog. I love it when you do.

That is such a cute picture of you with the kids! I'm missing you and your house this morning. It was so nice to wake up there and have you both to talk to and mmmm....fresh coffee! :)

Hope you have an incredible day. So, so, so very glad that you are getting sleep!!!

~Ginger said...

Yes, love the updates as you are in my thoughts daily!

Sweet answer to prayer...sleep!