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Friday, February 12, 2010

Let in Snow! Let in Snow! Let it Snow!

February 12,2010
Can you believe 9 inches of snow in East Texas? Enough to go sledding and build snowmen and make snow angels and all that fun northern stuff that we grew up with! The children are all thoroughly enjoying it. Our power was out most of the night- on a few hours this morning early then out all day. Tonight we have light, heat, a fire with a blower to blow the heat out and warm us...and all is well.
It has been a kind of long week. My DR put me on a med to help with some bladder issues and it pretty much knocked me for a loop. I felt totally wiped out, abdominal pain, MORE severed digestive problems, and stopped it after 2 days. It took about 4 to recover. Thursday I was feeling somewhat back to "normal" and today was better.
Today, since we had no power- Dave and I went to a near by town that has wholesale wigs- and picked out a wig- we had already received a free one from the Am. Cancer Society. I'm not totally happy with either- I think the whole idea is so emotionally devastating that I am not engaging whole heartedly. Also- they are not my exact hair color or style. We looked at one at a more upscale wig shop in Tyler which may serve me better when the time comes. They promised me that I would lose all my hair in 10 to 14 days. I am on day 11.
I am continuing to focus on the Word and the promises of Jesus my Savior. I love all the times it says that he went about healing and he healed them all! Jesus Christ, the same, yesterday, today and forever! Yea! That is my God!
Dave has been working all week in putting a half bath into our
"upper room" - the place where I've been spending lots of time. That will be SO nice! Sam and Dave hope to finish that off tomorrow. My guys are so talented- they are not afraid to tackle any project. Just amazing! I am so blessed.
A big thank you to you who have sent cards, emails, face-book messages, called and visited....I am feeling very loved.

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