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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Keeping the Sabbath day holy

I am enjoying REST today! After sitting in the hot tub this morning with my honey- I decided NOT to go out to church- not to be around that many people in a small room- just to go to my upper room and enjoy the peace and quiet of my Lord, my Bible, my music, and choose to put my chair back and sleep if I felt like it. This is QUITE the different life style for me! After a week of very little sleep, I am trying to be sensitive to the needs of my body for rest. I DID stay in bed ALL night last night- slept some and it felt so good to wake up this morning by my honey.
God is good and is granting us peace and joy in the midst of all going on here.
WE are trusting in his Word, meditating on His promises and believing the report of the Lord.
I am looking into some reports on lymphoma and root canals. Anyone know anything? I am not liking what I am reading...I have 4 root canals.
This was sent by my friend Barb Peterson today:
Mark 5:
36. Fear not, only believe. (and I like the context of that
verse...Jesus wanted to do that miracle for that father, but couldn't
let fear come in and hinder it.)
Thank you all who stop by to read and pray for us. We love you!


Lisa H said...

So glad that you're getting some sleep...and I'm believing for a full night's sleep again tonight! :)

Lacy said...

You should share some links about the root canals. I have had 3 as well!