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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Home Again in TEXAS

Oh how sweet to be home! After a long day a week ago, flying home via Tampa Florida and Houston- I fell into the waiting arms of my beloved husband at the airport and welcomed his hugs and kisses! Oh how I missed him!
My time in Wisconsin was wonderful, however, and Nancy and Terry were such excellent hosts. God is so good. I got to see so many friends and family and have many ministry opportunities- me being on the receiving end this time - at the Full Gospel Church in Walworth. God is doing awesome things in my life- healing not only the cancer but me from the inside out and I am grateful. I want to press into Him in an even deeper way and now that I am home I have lots of time to rest and do that.
We welcomed spring with a SNOW storm- and here Dave fights to save the tomato plants that he planted 2 days before. Jon raised them in his green house and they are beautiful- God- let them survive and bear much fruit! Today promises to be a better day- sunny- due to be near 70- and we plan to go to the Daffodil fields and maybe out on the lake and try our hand at some fishing. It feels so good to just be home with no agenda and relax and enjoy each other!
My 3rd chemo was last week- went well- a few bumps that night but feeling well and rested now. Mike- my nutritionist- says the Lymphoma is all gone- PTL_ but I dealing with several other "cancer like processes"- keep us in prayer for wisdom to know how long to continue with present treatment. We want to be in the center of God's Will and we want our lives to glorify HIM in all we do. Thanks for your prayers and continued interest in what is going on here. Thanks for checking in!


~Ginger said...

Such a great update! Glad you are home again and the snow has once again left!

Gary said...

So thankful that things are going well for you and Dave. That was a nice time away...but better to be back home. You are always so positive and have taught me to be the same way. It makes a difference when you know Whose hands you are in and that He has a plan for our lives.
Love you, Carol Lynn