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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Trust in the Lord and do Good, dwell in the land live securely...Psalm 37

As we commit our ways to the Lord and trust in Him, He acts on our behalf and makes our righteousness shine like the dawn. Psalm 37..3,5

Yesterday was a glorious day. After a quick trip to the Dr for what I thought was an infected ingrown toe nail- (which was NOT!) we took off for Mrs. Lee's Daffodil gardens about an hour east of us. The day was perfect- sunny- warm, slight breeze- absolutely gorgeous. The rolling hills blooming with thousands and thousands of daffodils delighted us both.
God, your beauty is overwhelming. The open landscape, birds singing, brooks babbling, trees budding, flowers blooming- does it get any better? We stopped on the way home, picked up a subway and then had a picnic. Such fun.
And...just in case you are wondering how my hair situation is doing...I love all the wigs I have....a friend loaned me several of hers from when she went through chemo- fun! I can be blonde, brunette, red head- or....bald! God is faithful!!!

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Lisa H said...

Great pictures! You two are so cute. :) So glad you made it out there to enjoy the beauty...and what a gorgeous day it was! :)