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Thursday, September 20, 2007

WHO is the helpmeet???

I had my first day at work at Teen Mania two weeks ago on Wednesday, Sept. 5th. All day I was thinking about Dave and wondering if he was keeping busy at home and how he was doing. I came home to a VERY excited husband who had 3 things to tell me...what order did I want them in? The most scary, the most exciting, or the most suprising. Knowing that he does scary things like crawling around on the roof and almost cutting off his fingers with chain saws and the like- and worrying about what might happen if he got in trouble with me gone- especially with no vehicle at home and no near neighbors...I was almost afraid to ask! I chose the scary one first just to get the pain over with! He proceeded to tell me about coming around the side of the house and seeing a 5 ft. snake! Neither of us likes snakes~! I could have done without that information. I chose interestesting 2nd since he told me I'd have to wait with the most exciting until we went out to eat.... So he went to the back door and opened it and this is what awaited me.
Oh yeah! Seems this little dog just came out of no where and sat by the hot tub in the morning while Dave sat their alone and cried out for him! At this point- we are trying to figure out that IF we want a dog at we keep him or get a "real dog"??? Only problem...he has named him Jake and I think they have already bonded and he is to be the helpmeet while I am gone to work 2 days a week.
The big surprise...and this is really kind of sad...Dave caught the BIGGEST BASS of his lifetime...and no one was here to see it or even take a picture!~ He caught a 7 lb. bass off the pier- also a 5 # and 2# so he was QUITE pumped! He had a very exciting day...and I missed it all...but absolutely LOVED my first day and work and every day since!
We had a very bittersweet moment last week as we said goodbye to our 5th wheel. I remember how absolutely ecstatic we were when we bought it and had all the days ahead planned and anticipated...visiting our kids in Florida, Texas, and Montana- going to Canada with Family and friends, camping in the mountains of for almost a year our 5th wheel has sat in our front yard as we have our own "resort" out back with possibly the best BASS fishing lake in the country right out there! So..we decided it was time to sell the 5th wheel and close the chapter on that season of our life. We both stood and watched it drive off with tears in our eyes and a kind of empty place in our hearts.
Dave has had some great days of fishing in the last couple of weeks. God is good!


Jan said...

I've been eagerly awaiting your next blog post and I think it was worth the much excitement and fun in your daily lives and your pictures are a real bonus!! So happy to hear you're enjoying your new job.

Lisa H said...

You updated! That picture of your 5th wheel driving away is so sad...but the one of Dave with Jake is too cute! Did Sam make sure that Jake was included in the invitation to come out this weekend? Elmer would love to meet him! :)

Beth said...

I think we need to photoshop a picture of him and the big bass! : )