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Friday, June 27, 2008

Counting it all JOY

I am so blessed that my GOD grants me daily strength, grace and JOY as I am able to help out David and Beth and family. They are still living with us- since June 1- as they await the completion of their new home. Beth is 110% involved with fighting cancer naturally so spends most of her day juicing, preparing fresh and raw foods, taking supplements and boosting her faith through the WORD, books and watching the Florida revival. The children are in culture shock with us trying to change their diet to one of a more natural, healthy variety!
Teen Mania still is my focus for 3 days a week where this week I had the privilige of mentoring some women who were so much in need of freedom. GOD, grant me wisdom and grace each day as I sit in for you to talk with them and pray with them and seek freedom.
We have had several family outings here at the lake and everyone is enjoying all the facilities down there. THe 90+ days make the water so inviting!
Dave continues to work on his traactor and prepare our "clay" for "grass" from the house to the lake. One of these days maybe I'll have a picture.
God is good and we continue to look to HIM daily for all our needs!


Brandi said...

Hi Mary Beth! Nice to see your back! I have missed you! Sorry to hear about Beth . . .I didn't know she has cancer. I will pray for her. So nice they are able to stay at your home while they await their new home.
Can't wait to see more pics of your place and all the goings on with you and the family. Take care!

Lacy said...

I'm SO glad they can live with you during this time! I am sure it's a blessing in disguise in many ways at this time. We are praying fervently for the whole family!
With Love,
Lacy and Jeremy