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Sunday, February 15, 2009

All on a Sunday afternoon

Thanks to the 5 people who contacted me and confirmed that they check in on me at times! I so appreciate that!
We had a great day yesterday- went to Tyler and shopped most of the day. Then met up with Sam and Lisa and Jon and Kelly for movie and dinner. A special Valentine's day for us. It is such fun and such a blessing for us when our kids want to do things with us! We are blessed.
Today has been a lazy day- after church going out for breakfast then sitting home reading and checking out Facebook and lounging in front of the fire! A great lazy day!
Last Sunday Sam and Lisa and kids came up for dinner and the day. Sam and his dad spent a couple of hours constructing a kite from scratch- black garbage bags- having to cut strips off plywood with the table saw- experimenting with different weights for the tail...and then...getting everyone outside for the debut!

UP...up...up....oh...we need a few adjustments..

it looks like the tree got it but...fear was just not...something..

bring it down and try it again...and again...adjust the tail...too heavy?...up...up...up.....

CRASH! BANG!!! KITE SELF DISTRUCTS!!! SAM CANNOT CONTAIN THE LAUGHTER (Good thing that Sam said on his Facebook this week in his 25 things about himself...that his dad is his best friend!) All in a day's fun with the fam... We all enjoyed the adventure...and the guys learned some things about kite construction...Dave says they need harder wood...we'll see next time!

BEST FRIENDS...AWWWW are so good!!

What does this week hold? What does the Lord have in mind for us? We just want to be so totally submitted to HIS will for our lives! Dave is engrossed in reading Pilgrim's Progress in prep for the college class he is teaching at Teen Mania- He is teaching Great Books and Portfolio Papers- teaches 4 classes on Thursdays. I will be working 3 days meeting with girls as we discuss our lives and how to draw closer to God. What a privilege to work with young women of this generation and see their passion for reaching the world for Jesus. I am a blessed woman!

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Lisa H said...

The kite escapade was so fun--I'm sure Dave has big plans to try again next time it's windy!

It was fun to spend Valentine's day with you guys too. I can't believe you spent ALL day in town and then still had energy for a movie and late dinner! I know I would have been exhausted. :)