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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Graduation and another new group of interns at the HA

Last weekend was graduation at the Teen Mania Honor Academy. It was a time of rejoicing and tears...the friendships made during the year or years there go deep and cause much ripping of the soul as they leave each other to live life in other parts of the world. David is the head of the Honor Academy and we are so proud of the work he does there. We learn so much from him!
I have mentored many of the women- some for two years- and it was very hard to see them walk out of the SAC for the last time. I am thankful for all the opportunities of have had to share their lives.
Dave and I both had opportunities to teach the class of 2009 so feel honored to have had a part in their time at the HA

You can go to my Facebook and see many more of the pictures of these beautiful women that I have had the privilege of knowing these past two years.

Sam heads up the Grad Intern department and works with the second, third and fourth year interns.

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