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Monday, July 26, 2010

Rocky Mountain High

Bear Lake Colorado...4 days of camping in the gorgeous Rocky Mountains with Dave, Sam, Lisa, Henry, Jonah and Bridget!
God is so awesome- His creation so magnificent and His mercies new every morning.
We had a wonderful time in the mountains. All we wanted was "cold" after leaving Texas and we got that! It was 45 at night...perfect for sleeping and nice during the day. Got our fair share of rain but even that was refreshing. Saw a bear in our camp during the day...quite exciting.
We were in a Colorado campground with no electric or Sam rigged up a shower for their family. Only problem...he didn't heat the water QUITE warm enough. Poor kids!
We love cooking out over the campfire and LOVE big fires! We gathered wood and Sam and Henry chopped and sawed and split wood for us so we were never without a fire.
The Great Sand Dunes Natl. park was a day trip where all of Sam's family made it to the top. Dave and I stopped over half way up (didn't want to over do!)( I did not have batteries for my camera the first couple days so no sand dune pictures here...maybe Lisa will post some on her blog!)
We took a hike out of our camp ground up about 1000 feet more- we camped at 10,000 feet- and had beautiful views of the valley where we camped.

Dave and Sam and the boys fished and provided us with a fish dinner right before we packed out early to avoid the afternoon rains.
No trip of the Hasz's is complete without some issue...a flat tire on the way home near Amarillo gave us about a 1.5 hour delay as we limped in to a Walmart for a repair. We went 412 miles without seeing a gas station so stopped by the roadside and pumped up the tire with a bicycle pump until we blew that out! There was a big bolt in the tire...thanks to all the driving through construction zones in TX and New Mexico. Never a dull moment.

The trip was wonderful and we are thankful to God for good health, family that wants us along on their vacations. We played games each night and enjoyed such sweet fellowship with Sam, Lisa and the children. Our God is so good! Thank you God!


Lisa H said...

Love the pictures! I'll get some up soon...on my blog and facebook. :)

What a great vacation!

Beth said...

So glad you all had fun—beautiful pictures!