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Sunday, January 08, 2012

...and abiding in the fields...

We are already 8 days into the new year! Today we will go to Sam and Lisa's to watch the Bronco's in a Wild Card playoff. So far...we have been disappointed in the three games we have been able to see them play here at the end of the season. Today does not hold much more hope but it is a good chance for the family to get together!

The Christmas Holidays were filled with family, parties, friends and great fellowship. We had all 27 of our family here for Christmas day. God is so good! Our oldest granddaughter is 19 and the youngest is 4. There are 15 between them so it makes for a very fun day.!WE usually have the children act out the Christmas story with an adult or older child reading from Luke 2. This year, we decided, to make it more meaningful for the children, we would have adults stand in for the different characters and allow the children to watch and absorb the story. Back in the costume room- (i.e. the laundry room) I put final touches on the "shepherds" and reminded them that this was a serious "drama" this year a2Bdecnd wanted no humor! I left them in the traditional shepherd robe and headgear and headed out to the living room for the drama. Mary and Joseph came on...doing their part well. When the narrator read...and abiding in the fields...keeping watch over their flocks....this is what appeared!!!
As you can see-the angel-had trouble keeping his composure as did much for the serious presentation of the Christmas story!!!!

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