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Friday, July 05, 2013

Happy 76th Anniversary Mom and Dad Tessman

  1. 76  years a go today the union of Henri Tessmann and Edith Snyder
    began a generation of now 50+ people. The oldest of these is Pat Tessman Sittler- their first born and the youngest is great-great-grandchild Johnny Udave.
    Their four children, Patricia Ann,  Jon Gale, Carol Ruth, Mary Beth and Sandra Lee all married and had thirteen children.  Most of these children have married and have ???? great grand children for Henri and Edith.  One of these great grandchildren, Brittany, daughter of Carol, has a son, Johnny Udave. This is Cindy, Carol's daughter, and her new grandson, Johnny Udave.
    T%heir lives began together in Sycamore, Illinois where Henri sold chickens.  They moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1941 or 1942 where he went into the furniture business and lived there until retirement in 1968 which took them to Clearwater, Florida.  They were faithful members of the Lutheran church and raised all their children in the faith.  I thank God for the godly heritage they left us with so that now many of this family are following the Lord Jesus Christ as personal Savior!

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