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Monday, February 11, 2008

All in a week's time

It has been a week since I posted so I best catch up. We had the JOY of meeting Amy in Rockwall-near Dallas- at Starbucks last Monday. That is about an hour away for each of us. We got to enjoy JUST AMY for about 2 hours- a first in a long time since we usually have to share her with her 8 children and her husband- (whom we love dearly..but this was special.) Then we went next door to AT&T to battle out a new plan with them since it was time for us to get new phones. Dave has been "limping" along with a bum phone we got on E Bay after he jumped in the lake with is in his pocket last summer- so we are excited about new phones! Last week was Jonah's 3rd birthday so since Sam was in New York for a Teen Mania Battlecry- we had Lisa and children out for dinner- which was fun.
On Friday we got to have Jordan all to ourselves for the morning since Kelly is teaching at Teen Mania this semsster. That was so much fun and we got to see a side of Jordan we never see with her parents around- that of her talking non stop! It was so much fun. We get to this every Friday until June.
Starting this week I will be working 3 instead of 2 days a week at Teen Mania so I'm looking forward to that. I LOVE my job...and Dave LOVES being home alone so it works well for both of us! It is almost BASS season here on Lake Fork so Dave is looking forward to lots of fishing.


~Just A Thought Ginger said...

How fun to be with Amy alone. I long for those days with my Texas girl, but I'm thankful that we love her husband and enjoy being with him whenever we are able.

You have the most adorable grandkids. Didn't you just crack up at Lisa's post about Henry and Jonah on the tramp? My husband and I just laughed out loud.

We are volunteering at the TM event in our area the end of the month. Lisa said Sam is usually extremely busy, but we are hoping to at least see him if at all possible. It will be an awesome weekend and can't wait to see lives changed. One of these events is where Alicia first realized her call to go with TM on a mission trip. The rest is history :o)

Lacy said...

SO fun to see what you've been up to! that's great your days are filling up with the grand kids!

Lisa H said...

Fun update! Very cute picture of Jordan too. And Amy looks so good! :)

The Eastham Zoo said...

It was so nice to see Amy!! Send her our love and so glad to hear that you were able to spend such a nice time together!! Miss you all!!

Beth said...

I wish I could remember to give you that bag of clothes for Anna—it's hanging out in the back of our van if you think of it. I wish we could see the Smiths more often.