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Friday, February 29, 2008

No School Tomorrow

We are just watching an old "Tool Time" and Dave just came up with this, "No School Tomorrow". Yes, Friday night has always been such a wonderful feeling, No School Tomorrow! Now we have lots of "Friday nights" and it is wonderful.
It is actually almost spring time in East Texas- Leaves are starting to appear on the trees, the spring flowers in bloom- tulips, daffodils, hyathins, Magnolia trees..what a fun time of year!Isn't God good the way He romances us with all these beautiful flowers- just growing in the ditches by the sides of the roads here in East Texas...just beautiful! I just visited this web site and saw 107 flowers pictured- probably not even all of the many flowers that line our roads througout the spring and summer. Thank you GOD...I love it!


Anonymous said...

My daughter, Lindsey, who lives in the Dallas area just loves this time of year when the blue bonnets all are in bloom. They are so amazing to see along the roads!

Are you sure you wouldn't like to some visit me up here in the snow?

My family met Sam last night at ATF. I was not able to go, but hope to make it tonight. I will be hunting Sam down if I make it.

Lisa H said...

Happy Birthday, MaryBeth! Hope you're having a great day today!!!!