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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Tijuana-Team- Phuket

This video gives a good idea of what things looked like for us last week. We had the Band, Unhindered-leading in worship and working out on the work site-pounding nails and wroking right along side the kids.

We just completed an 8 day trip to Tijuana, Mexico with Global Expeditions. What a awesome opportunity we had to interact with many of the 700 teens on the trip and the almost 100 leaders and support staff. It was our joy to sleep in a tent on the dirt floor of Tijuana-get up at 5:30 ech morning and begin with WORSHIP and then travel by school bus to the ministry site - eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches EVERY day for lunch- lead many people to JESUS- minister to 100's of kids through Bible school at our "Soccer Field" each day. The teens would walk through the neighborhood and invite children and just an hour later 60-100 kids showed up! They are so hungry for Jesus! Our team built a house in just 4 days for a woman and her 2 children. The 40 some teens on our team were amazing! They led Bible school; evangelized the neighborhood; took out 5 gallon paint buckets and painted fences, houses, walls; hammered nails, hung dry wall, sat on the roof and shingled...they did it all! At night they worshiped God with such zeal and then got poured in to by men and women of God. WOW! Sam and Lisa were the TL's (team leaders) and did such a great job. What a privilege for us to watch our own kids leading teens and stepping up for Jesus. are SO good!


Lacy said...

that's awesome you all got to go on the trip together! i am glad it went so well!

Nika said...

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