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Sunday, December 28, 2008

For my Bethlehem Classmates

Dear Fellow Classmates who attended Bethlehem Elementary in Fort Wayne. This was the closest rendition to "O come All Ye Faithful' that even came close to what we experienced...and if your memory is as mine isn't even close! What do you think of when you hear this song at Christmas time? If you are like me..and you sang under the direction of Oscar Albers-you envision us getting into our black gowns and white surplices and lining up in the choir room up there on the 2nd floor- then marching down the stairs and into the tunnel and getting our candles lit just before we entered the sanctuary for the Candlelight Concert. Oh what an awesome feeling that was- I think the adult choir was singing in the choir loft as we marched down the side aisles singing our hearts out. I could almost feel the angels and the presence of God. What a privilege we had to sing under Mr. Albers. He has so blessed me throughout my life with an appreciation for music. I still sing my 2nd alto parts to most Christmas carols!
But then there was the one Candle Light concert that stands out in my memory above all others.
We 2nd altos got to lead out in this song with a hearty Ding Dong Ding Ding Dong and then the sapraons came in with the melody...who remembers what the song was?I can sing the melody but the words escape me. We also had a very quiet Lullaby that we sang in that concert. Well...Mr. Albers raised his baton to lead us in the quiet lullaby...and when he brought the baton down...Bonnie Lepper BELTED out...Ding dong ding ding dong...All us in the 2nd altos so cracked up that I doubt that we sang any of the song and we endured the GLARES of Mr. Albers until we got it back together.
Yes, Mr. Albers, gifted us with his time and talents and I'm sure that the Lutheran teachers in those days worked for very little pay. Thank you Lord for his service to us. I hope I get to sing in his choir in heaven!

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Lisa H said...

What a sweet memory! That is pretty funny--I can just picture the section giggling and the choir director not so happy about it. :)