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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

There are Some Things I Just Don't Like!!!

Matthew eats almost anything...but this one was a definite no...can you believe it...a mini OREO! He also didn't like graham crackers or Cheerios but today he made the leap to try both of those again and liked them. I started off by soaking the graham crackers in water (his Grand Dad Hasz would like that! especially if they had grape jam and THEN dipped them in water...yuck!!!) but eventually he took the hard graham cracker and ate it! But the Oreo last night...he spit it out and managed to spread it on his face, the table, and anything else in sight...just to get it out of his mouth!
We later had a better experience just playing with an empty egg carton and the Noah's ark figures. He plays well alone but loves being played with also.
Two days and counting!!! Kelly got her passport back today...we should get Matthew's tomorrow-then have a day to wait until we leave here on Friday.We are both very anxious to get back home to Texas to hubands and children!

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