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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Another day in Moscow

The day started off with Matthew being ravenously hungry as usual- he DOES enjoy eating- seems to eat anything offered to him and EVERYTHING offered. You can see here- the oatmeal above his left ear-and the general mess he made-he is not real good at feeding himself but gobbles down every bite put into his mouth. He does not know how to hold a sippy cup upright to get the liquid into his mouth which is a bit frustrating for him.
Kelly and Matthew took naps, then lunch, then we headed over to Red Square just to get out and do some souvenir shopping. We walked through the department store across from Red Square- it is 3 stories but the 2nd and 3rd are -2 and -3 on the elevator because they are underground- very interesting- I have seen more trim- cute girls in their very sheik dress- and NO overweight women or men anywhere! The streets are spotless and the people well dressed and friendly -well-at some things. Like women and men offer us seats on the subway but NO-ONE will hold a door or allow us to go through first- even with a stroller.
Kelly is nursing something- fever and sore throat and flu like symptoms. Please pray for her!
Tomorrow we head out for a few more visits with country officials. Just 4 more days in Russia until we head home on Friday. We are both very anxious to be home!

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