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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

From Russia with Love

Here he is! With his happy and proud mama! We were on the way home from the orphanage after a LONG day of getting all the proper documentation in Moscow and then again in his town- 2 hours from Moscow. We got him about 7 last night and then drove home in beautiful snow to Moscow. He slept well all night and woke up singing! What a joy!
Today we are off to the DR and then to the Passport office (which is closed today..but...we'll see) Things are going well here. THanks for all your prayers and keep praying. We would like to get out of here before our Dec. 5th scheduled departure and that all depends on getting the passport and visa earlier. Prayer can move mountains...and Passport and Visa offices!


The Eastham's said...

Marybeth....he's a handsome one!! What a gift!! So happy for your family!! Makes me want to get on a plane now and get to China to get our little girl!! Congratulations!! Miss you guys!

The Eastham's

Lisa H said...

So glad that you're continuing to update! It's great to know what is going on and how we can pray for you. Love you guys and can't wait to meet that adorable little guy! :)