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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We're Going to Russia

Last Wednesday I got called out of Staff Chapel at Teen Mania to receive a phone call from Jon- He and Kelly were in Moscow, Russia. I knew that their court date had gone well that day and that Matthew was "officially" theirs. So- it was with fear and trepidation that I made the walk from the Cafeteria to the Ad building to await the call. Why would they be calling me???? They had already talked to Dave in the morning and given him all the details. What had gone wrong? When the phone rang- Jon sounded quite relaxed-some small talk- then asked me if I would like to come to Russia with Kelly to pick up Matthew next week. I was so surprised and so honored to be asked to do after checking with Dave ... and making sure the Hasz 4 were covered ( I had already agreed to assume partial care of Dave and Beth's kids while they are in Italy) I said yes.
Now, we are anxiously awaiting my passport and Visa which are on a rush order and are due here by Friday.
Sunday is the take off day for Moscow and Tuesday is the day that Kelly can get Matthew. We then have to stay another 10 days before we can leave the country with Matthew. Since Kelly is a veteran world traveler and tour guide- she will keep us busy I'm sure. Our apartment where we will be staying is just 2 blocks from Red Square so we'll at least see those sites.
I ask that you pray for all the details of this trip and I'll keep you posted and updated.


Lisa H said...

I'm sure it will be an AMAZING trip! We'll miss you for Thanksgiving, but what a memorable time you'll have! :) You'll have to take lots of pictures!

Lacy said...

Oh SO wonderful! I'm so glad to hear they're getting him already! What a fun trip that will be! Is Jordan going to be with you?