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Saturday, April 24, 2010


April 24
Friends have told me they are checking in and I have not are right. It has been 24 days!
During this month I have had chemo again and was joined this time by Amy, Haley and Tori and Dave. It was wonderful. Haley and Tori and I worked on plans for our 4th Grandkids Camp to be held the first week of June. Haley, Tori, Caitlin and Ashley will have the majority of the responsibility and leadership this year. We will have a Cowboys and Indians theme and all the grandkids 6 years old and up can attend. That is 11 of them and we are really looking forward to it. Dave and I are making plans and so excited. Amy spent the time working on things for their school. They are looking ahead to the 2nd year of their Home School School- I'll have to get the web site for is pretty incredible.
I had a DR visit yesterday and found that both white and red blood counts are low- which accounts for the tiredness this month. I'll get checked again next week before chemo. My reports from Mike this month are that on one of his test- ALL cancer is gone- on another- there is still cancer activity and my immune system continues to show the effects of the toxic treatments. WE are praying about whether this is the time to stop or to do the two more. WE appreciate your prayers ...and wish I knew HIS perfect will and plan for my life this coming week! servant heareth!
My husband continues to be nothing less than amazing. Remember the bathroom project he was doing...well here is the finished product.

has continued to rework flower beds in the front and back, put in more sprinkler line down at the lake, cleans the house, makes meals and this week added making angel food to his repertoire! What an amazing gift of God to me! I love him so much!
Last Saturday 9 girls from Teen Mania came out and did 3 hours of hard core spring cleaning for me! Floors, blinds, windows, furniture and cabinets..what a blessing. These were my Core Girls from Reckless Abandon. Thanks Ladies. I love you!
So, as you see, God's faithfulness and love to me just continues to be poured out above what I can ask or think. I am so grateful to Him. I love you Lord!


Lisa H said...

It was so good to see you this week...thanks for coming out and supporting Jonah and also for playing cards! :)

Hope you enjoy the rest of this beautiful weekend.

Shanygne said...

what a lovely post! Praying you hear His voice re: your treatment... I remember when I had Ethan that a couple of interns came out and cleaned and played with Emily... it was such a blessing! How special for you!