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Thursday, April 01, 2010

"A smile is the light in the window of your face that tells people you're at home."

I'm smiling today...are you? It is April 1- The sun is not yet up but will be and it will be glorious day!
Today we got to Tyler to visit the DR and have blood drawn to see if I can have Chemo next week. This will be # 4. My reports from my nutritionist tell me that my cancer markers are now down from 14 to 4! That is great news. We feel that one more round of chemo is what I should be doing for now to see if it will eliminate the other 4. God...let it be! He says it is a balancing want the chemo to kill the cancer before it kills you! are my YOU I trust!
Holy week. The week we pause to think about all that JESUS did for us over 2000 years a go. This was known as Maundy Thursday back in the Lutheran church. The day that we celebrated the Last Supper and the journey into the Garden. Tomorrow is Good Friday. I would like to rent the Passion of the Christ and watch that again tomorrow- good visual reminder of what my Lord did for me!
Have a wonderful time celebrating the Resurrection on Sunday! Be blessed and thanks for stopping by!

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~Ginger said...

Waiting in anticipation for a good report today.

Waiting in anticipation for EASTER!!!

May your weekend be blessed!